Trying a New Fruit and The Question - How Do You Unsmell a Smell?

"Let's try a new fruit," I said.  "Let's try this" my 4 year old said, as he pointed to a very cool looking thing in the fruit section.

We were out at a supermarket that happens to carry many unique assortment of fruits and vegetables that inspired my idea of exploration.  My husband jumped right in and they quickly picked one out as I stood slightly bouncing in place hoping my baby girl cuddled against me in her carrier would stay asleep in our little adventure. 
How could I not agree, see how cool it looks?  I'm not one to ever shy away from trying new food.  It looked to be frozen with slight icicles all over in between it's spikes.  But what did we know?  It was hard, spiky..and completely new to us, just what I wanted..something new.  We were all excited and anxious for dessert after dinner. 
We arrived home with the fruit, in a double plastic bag the way the cashier handed it to us, spikes already stabbing through it.  Jackets and shoes came flying off, my son ran to wash up and change.  There I stood in the kitchen, curious for answers, pulled over my laptop and googled "how to eat a durian."  Oh yes, the name of the fruit is Durian.  Pictures with instructions, as well as a few articles came up.
screenshot of one of the images that showed up

But then I read this fruit is banned in some public places where it is a common fruit for it's SMELL.  There are "No Durian" signs right next to the "No Smoking" signs.  WHAT was I getting us into here?  I looked down at the plastic bag, lifted it and sniffed it lightly..nothing, I didn't smell anything ::shrugged shoulders:: carried on with my research...

With further reading, I learned that since it isn't a common fruit from the states, the only way we have it in our stores is because it was frozen.  We would have to let it thaw before we can eat it.  So we had to wait for our new fancy fruit dessert til tomorrow.  "Aaaaaaww" my son replied, but understood as he poked at the spikes from the outside of the bag. 

The morning came early as I was awoken by a horrible smell, a smell that was so strong I could taste it.  My husband had already left to work, so only I complained of the smell the durian fruit was now giving off.  My four year old didn't even seem to notice.  I ran into the kitchen and sealed the mouth of the plastic bag, the same one I had opened so the fruit can breathe.
Later on, I told my husband what I had learned about the fruit but still invited him to cut into it.  "We bought it to try it, so let's try it" I said.  At this point in the evening my sister was over with my niece.  My husband and I placed tape over our noses as we all giggled away, my sister said she didn't mind the smell and stood as we all watched my husband cut into the fruit. 
It didn't look appealing at all, to anyone, but don't judge a book by it's cover we thought.  He took the first bite, then as I tried to remind myself of the many that love this fruit I took a nibble.  "oooOOooh gawd" I said, I felt the aroma almost burning all over my mouth, it tasted like onions.  I like onions, but this was a strong concentrated raw onion taste, a rotten concentrated onion maybe?  I read "it melts in your mouth" did nOT melt in mine.  It lingered.  My sister didn't try it, as she hates onions.  My son no longer showed interest, neither did my eight year old niece.  My husband forced himself to eat a few more bites until he just couldn't.  We wrapped the remains of the durian back into the plastic bag, ready to toss it away.  I took the tape off my nose, and the aroma was everywhere.  My eyes started to water, and the taste in my mouth came clearer.  I was happy we were half way out the door before we stopped to try the fruit, I opened all our windows, took the kids and ran out.

I'm glad I tried a durian, but I'm glad it's over with.  We had a good laugh, and a good story to tell in the end.  I will now know to steer clear of that fruit.  BUT if YOU get the chance..try it!  Who knows..maybe you'll like it?  Many consider it the "king of fruits" and not only truly enjoy the fruit (including it's smell) but make many desserts such as ice cream and pastries with it. 

Hopefully the next new fruit we try will be better tasting!  Until then I'm happy with a strawberry, a banana, an apple, or a smoothie with all of those familiar fruits.  Mmmm..I think the blender is calling my name.  Til' next time!  ;)