Bye Bye Heartburn with Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief #cbias

Oh food, how I love food.  But sometimes my body just doesn't agree with the food I choose to eat..and no I'm not talking about food allergies as usual.  This time I speak of heartburn.  If you follow me on twitter, you've probably seen plenty of my tweets "screaming" for relief all throughout my pregnancy.  When you're pregnant it is very common to get heartburn and perfectly normal if you do get it, so I used to deal with it.  I'd tweet out my frustration, eat ice, maybe cry a little.  No, I never cried but you get the point, I dealt with it.  I thought for sure I'd only deal with it during pregnancy, but sadly enough heartburn, my dear friend heartburn comes to visit me still.  I've yet to notice exactly what foods causes it to come back for me, because it has been unexpected and at different meals every time.  Now that I'm not pregnant I need relief, and recently picked up Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief at Duane Reade for it.
It turns out Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief, along with Head Ache Relief, Allergy Attack Relief, Upset Stomach Relief, Ache and Pain Relief, and Critical Care Aspirin to-go packets are conveniently sold right near check out at Duane Reade.  And quite the popular group of items as you can see by the picture above. 
The Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief is in powder form and comes in a flat packet.  It is convenient to have on the go, in a drawer at home, in your pocket and really anywhere.  Possibly the most convenient part for me was that it required no liquid.  You simply let it dissolve, since it's in powder form it's said that it enters your bloodstream faster than other forms of relief like pills or capsules.
You fold at dotted line and tear it to open, and as easy as it was it isn't too easy for a young child to open - although always important to keep out of reach of children.  No one likes taking medicine, so if you're afraid of the taste or amount of powder.  Don't be alarmed, it surprisingly tastes pretty good, and is not even a full half a teaspoon full as you can see in the picture below.

That painful burn..oh that horrible feeling...  Heartburn, heartburn seems to love surprising me by it's presence lately, but now I'm relieved to know I've got my on the go packets of fast acting Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief ready with me at all times.  Now you know where to find Urgent Rx on the go packets at Duane Reade, but here's the links to connecting with them online as well; @UrgentRx and

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