Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Solution and Bubble Bellies - Review

Everyone loves bubbles. Now imagine bubbles that glow. That's right! Bubbles that glow. My son was so excited to give the Super Miracle Bubbles that GLOW a try, since they are meant for outdoor play only, we had to wait a few days for him to feel better as he was very sick to give them a try. His fever went down but he was still feeling pretty icky today and it was pretty chilly out so I cleared our hallway area and gave these a try. It was exciting to watch the regular bottle of bubbles start to glow once the two solutions were poured in. 
All it takes is pouring solution A and B into the bottle of bubbles for the magic activate. Then have fun with bubbles as you normally would. I am looking forward to getting them in the three colors for some serious fun this spring/summer. When we have parties at the park in the summer, we often stay out until the sun goes down, so it'll be perfect fun. Great for anyone with a backyard.
My son playing with the glow bubbles here, and my failed attempt at capturing the glowing bubbles in the air. We tried the blue glow bubbles here, it also comes in pink and orange. :)
As I mentioned my son was/still very sick, he had a fever for two days straight so I needed to keep him in good spirits while he was sick in bed. Imperial Toys also sent over Mitt from the "Bubble Bellies" collection and that brought him some excitement as bubbles often do. Dipping and blowing bubbles aren't always easy for younger kids to do, so this was perfect. Other bubble blowers tend to drip and pour very easily, but I'm happy to report these didn't at all. Bubbles shooting out in a row, fast and fun. Another great item to have for the kids.
The temperature was so much better out and his fever went down after many up and downs, so I took the kids out for a walk as he enjoyed the Bubble Bellies bubble machine. So much fun! We caught everyone's attention as tons of bubbles circled us. Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion is so much fun to see for everyone, perfect now that it's getting warmer out. And of course we also love Bubble Bellies. Watch the commercial for the awesome glow bubbles here.

*I received the item/s for the purpose of review. All opinions are a 100% my own. No other compensation was provided.