Dolls, Cribs, Tablets, Blocks, Car Seats, Sounds, Lights and Lots More! #BTBBabyPalooza

Rattles, dolls, cribs, blocks, lights, swings, car seats, tablets and more!  The items that make our days and nights easier and enjoyable.  The brands behind them helping us be better parents, making great products with us and our children in mind.  Last weekend I attended The Big Toy Book's first annual Big Toy Book's Baby Palooza event with my 5 month old baby girl and connected with some of these brands, and I'm excited to share some details and pictures with you all from the event.  Excuse my photography skills, I had my baby in my arms... :)  
 Love love these!
 Love!  Want these for my children! :)  
 Look how cool these are!

 These are so handy to have!
 What a great displays in the showroom!
Delta Children has an amazing line of products that I absolutely adore, I saw fun displays and and was able to view the showroom set up as well.  Scott Randall from Delta Children shared with us their passion for safe sleep, they have 8 product test facilities worldwide and have made it their mission to educate families nationwide with tips to create the safest sleep environment for our children.  It was great to hear their dedication and to know that they were on the same page with us, on the safety of our children when it comes to sleep.
Washable cloth dolls

Alexander Dolls by Madame Alexander have been tested by time, and proven with quality and character now celebrating 90 years of providing families with dolls!  In this age of technology these dolls teach children to be nurturing, communication skills and of course role playing.  Now an awesome line of dolls have arrived, the washable babies, first toddler and baby dolls are full of fun and function.  You know us moms, we all love dolls/toys we can wash!
 MegaBloks toys (sorry camera work with baby in arms)
 The First Builders
MegaBloks have been testing products across multiple age groups for  years, and it's shown that construction toys such as MegaBloks help build a bridge for math, logic, and language skills.  Not surprised at all as I remember MegaBloks, was one of the first "big boy" toys I bought for my son when he was about 1, and he still plays with them.  My little girl is already reaching out for a chance to play, looking forward to it as it involves sorting colors, counting, figuring out a pattern, talking about his creations and more!  Now with new play sets like the First Builders and the Barbie play sets it's only getting better.
The InnoTab2 Baby
Vtech toys

Vtech InnoTab2 Baby is the first tablet for baby to 9 years old.  It's a high tech world, and if your young children are playing or interested in gadgets, you want it to be safe and age appropriate, this is the tablet for them.  I recently wrote a thorough review on it, check it out here.

The First Years True Fit IAlert Convertible Car Seat by Tomy is for use from 5 to 65 lbs, and is incredible!  It basically communicates using an application on your smart phone to monitor key safety areas including installation angle, unattended child alert, un-buckled seat belt, child out of seat alert and temperature check.  You get notified in any of these situations, helping you keep your child safe.       
 Twilight Turtle Tunes
 Sleep Sheep - Smart Sensor
 Dreamz To-Go Octo
The Tranquil Turtle
Cloud B products are really great for kids..well for everyone if you ask me.  Who doesn't like soothing sounds that help you wind down for sleep time and the soothing projection on your ceiling and walls?!  The award winning Twilight Turtle has been upgraded, it now has sound features, not just a built in library and useful settings but a bluetooth capability as well.  Still projects starlight in blue, amber and green, with the new turtle the lights morph every 5 seconds.  Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor is an adorable soft sheep that comes with a sound sensor so if baby awakes it comes on with soothing soft sounds, including mommies heartbeat.  So many great products, I love them all, one of my favorites was the Tranquil Turtle, soothing sound and light, the projection shows as if under water with a gentle waive motion.   

Pheeuw!  I know that was a long one...  But I hope you found this to be informative and useful.  Also I just realized this was my first mommy and daughter day with my baby girl, a day well spent.  :) 

*I received products and information at the #BTBBabyPalooza event.  I was not obligated to share this information.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No compensation was provided.