Dolls, Cribs, Tablets, Blocks, Car Seats, Sounds, Lights and Lots More! #BTBBabyPalooza

Rattles, dolls, cribs, blocks, lights, swings, car seats, tablets and more!  The items that make our days and nights easier and enjoyable.  The brands behind them helping us be better parents, making great products with us and our children in mind.  Last weekend I attended The Big Toy Book's first annual Big Toy Book's Baby Palooza event with my 5 month old baby girl and connected with some of these brands, and I'm excited to share some details and pictures with you all from the event.  Excuse my photography skills, I had my baby in my arms... :)  
 Love love these!
 Love!  Want these for my children! :)  
 Look how cool these are!

 These are so handy to have!
 What a great displays in the showroom!
Delta Children has an amazing line of products that I absolutely adore, I saw fun displays and and was able to view the showroom set up as well.  Scott Randall from Delta Children shared with us their passion for safe sleep, they have 8 product test facilities worldwide and have made it their mission to educate families nationwide with tips to create the safest sleep environment for our children.  It was great to hear their dedication and to know that they were on the same page with us, on the safety of our children when it comes to sleep.
Washable cloth dolls

Alexander Dolls by Madame Alexander have been tested by time, and proven with quality and character now celebrating 90 years of providing families with dolls!  In this age of technology these dolls teach children to be nurturing, communication skills and of course role playing.  Now an awesome line of dolls have arrived, the washable babies, first toddler and baby dolls are full of fun and function.  You know us moms, we all love dolls/toys we can wash!
 MegaBloks toys (sorry camera work with baby in arms)
 The First Builders
MegaBloks have been testing products across multiple age groups for  years, and it's shown that construction toys such as MegaBloks help build a bridge for math, logic, and language skills.  Not surprised at all as I remember MegaBloks, was one of the first "big boy" toys I bought for my son when he was about 1, and he still plays with them.  My little girl is already reaching out for a chance to play, looking forward to it as it involves sorting colors, counting, figuring out a pattern, talking about his creations and more!  Now with new play sets like the First Builders and the Barbie play sets it's only getting better.
The InnoTab2 Baby
Vtech toys

Vtech InnoTab2 Baby is the first tablet for baby to 9 years old.  It's a high tech world, and if your young children are playing or interested in gadgets, you want it to be safe and age appropriate, this is the tablet for them.  I recently wrote a thorough review on it, check it out here.

The First Years True Fit IAlert Convertible Car Seat by Tomy is for use from 5 to 65 lbs, and is incredible!  It basically communicates using an application on your smart phone to monitor key safety areas including installation angle, unattended child alert, un-buckled seat belt, child out of seat alert and temperature check.  You get notified in any of these situations, helping you keep your child safe.       
 Twilight Turtle Tunes
 Sleep Sheep - Smart Sensor
 Dreamz To-Go Octo
The Tranquil Turtle
Cloud B products are really great for kids..well for everyone if you ask me.  Who doesn't like soothing sounds that help you wind down for sleep time and the soothing projection on your ceiling and walls?!  The award winning Twilight Turtle has been upgraded, it now has sound features, not just a built in library and useful settings but a bluetooth capability as well.  Still projects starlight in blue, amber and green, with the new turtle the lights morph every 5 seconds.  Sleep Sheep Smart Sensor is an adorable soft sheep that comes with a sound sensor so if baby awakes it comes on with soothing soft sounds, including mommies heartbeat.  So many great products, I love them all, one of my favorites was the Tranquil Turtle, soothing sound and light, the projection shows as if under water with a gentle waive motion.   

Pheeuw!  I know that was a long one...  But I hope you found this to be informative and useful.  Also I just realized this was my first mommy and daughter day with my baby girl, a day well spent.  :) 

*I received products and information at the #BTBBabyPalooza event.  I was not obligated to share this information.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No compensation was provided. 

Vtech InnoTab 2 Baby - The Learning App Tablet #Review #BTBBabyPalooza

With technology advancing rapidly and so many different gadgets coming out everyday, it's no surprise Vtech has come out with a tablet for baby.  And it's no surprise the InnoTab 2 Baby has already become a favorite in our home with it's great features.  It is the first tablet of it's kind made with a growing child in mind, recommended age 12 months to 9 years of age.  The perfect item for a first birthday present and on.  My four year old who has played with other "grown up" tablets, still seems to really like it.  It was easy for him to get started as he was able to customize the welcome screen with his own picture and greeting message on his own, which is one of it's great attributes.
 Options on screen include: E-Reader, Games, Art Studio, Camera, Video Recorder, Color & Pop, Photos, Videos, Music, Calculator, Friends, Clock, Calendar, Notes, Downloads..and more.
The Innotab2 Baby is full of age appropriate activities and parental controls that give kids a hands on experience with an interactive digital technology where they can have fun exploring safely.  It's activities include a simple Noah's Ark e-book reader, a calculator, video player, art studio, and other fun apps for children as they grow.  Hundreds of apps are also available for parents to download from the Vtech app store, the Learning Lodge.  I felt assured knowing everything that was on the tablet and knowing it was safe.  No purchases made accidentally, no advertisement, no worrying about it breaking, only fun and learning. 
removal bumper case
One of my personal favorites amongst many is the kiddie camera that rotates, pictures seem to come out a bit dark but it's a kiddie cam and my son doesn't seem to mind.  The tablet has a motion sensor, which really grabbed my attention, I didn't think a kids tablet would be so advanced.  It's price marked at $89 and if it seems like allot to you, think about how much the simplest toys are these days.  In my opinion it's worth the investment, for an item that will grow with your child.  At it's simplest it doubles as a child proof camera for your child.  It comes with a removal bumper that helps the Innotab2 Baby in case of drops and tumbles while in the hands of your child.  Vtech also carries the InnoTab 2S Wi-Fi learning app tablet that is geared for ages 3-9 years old, we haven't tried it, I assume similar great features but for the older child. 
comes with 2 styluses and holder for one in the back
Sorry this is long, but I really wanted to cover all the features the InnoTab2 Baby has to offer.  But you get the point, we really like it and we recommend it.  Hope it was helpful!  :)


*I received a complimentary InnoTab2 Baby at the #BTBBabyPalooza event.  All opinions are a 100% my own.


It's Crayola's 110th Birthday Bash -Celebrate and Enter to Win

Imagine "four floors of new interactive exhibits and one-of-a-kind attractions that will bring the magic of color and your child's creativity to life!"   I'm talking fun with Crayola!  I don't know about you but I didn't even know there was a Crayola family attraction, it's apparently located in Pennsylvania and "where magic of Crayola and color come to life."  Sounds like fun right!?  Now imagine a trip for 4 to be one of the first to experience it with your family..yeah..awesome, I know.  What's even more could actually have a chance at winning that trip.

Crayola is celebrating their 110th birthday, the 8 original colors are throwing a birthday bash at the Crayola Experience.  They're on an adventure to spread the news and you're invited to join in.  Follow the crayons, learn more about them and ENTER to win that trip for 4 to celebrate their birthday and the grand opening of the all new Crayola Experience coming this May, 2013.

Good luck if you enter..and of course happy 110th birthday CRAYOLA! :)

*Crayola provided the information in this post.  All opinions are a 100% my own. 

Everyday Tasks Just Got Easier with the Duane Reade App! #DRapp #cbias

Picking up prescriptions, ordering photo prints, and picking up snacks is just a small part of what my days consist of, but these everyday tasks just got easier with the new Duane Reade app.  I frequent Duane Reade often, I usually end up their to pick something up in the evenings or weekends with my family.  It isn't always when we are home so we have had to go through trouble to look up a location near us on our phone before, but the app makes that a click away.  I am so impressed with how user friendly and useful this app is for us.  If you shop at Duane Reade, if you want to shop at Duane Reade, or if you've even thought about shopping at Duane Reade download the app today.
    simple functions, easy to use
 upload photos to print straight from device, facebook, even instagram
photos straight from my camera roll 
balance rewards card, info and purchase history at your finger tips
While out this weekend we were able to find a nearby Duane Reade using the store locator, and then order prints straight from my iPad. It allowed me to edit and upload 5 photos at a time then pick up at store in an hour. I will be ordering prints more often now, it's just too easy not to. When I arrived at the new location my photos were all ready waiting for me, and when it was time to checkout - I used my balance rewards card right off my iPad. No more fumbling around for your card, and what's really neat is that it allows you to see your purchase history along with your rewards.
fill prescriptions right from the app
I didn't need it but the app also allows you to conveniently fill a prescription from your account, by scanning, even allowing you to transfer a prescription right from the app. Scan the barcode off an item for more info on the product as well. All the functions are so simple, yet it's all I didn't know I needed to make our trips to Duane Reade easier.  Make sure to follow Duane Reade on twitter so you don't miss out on any more news, who knows maybe they'll create an app to cook dinner for you next (just kidding..but a girl could dream). ;)

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Lift the Flaps and Learn to Count book - #Review

Too often kids are turning to apps and screens instead of books.  So as parents we have to try extra hard to get them interested in books.  Lift the Flaps and Learn to Count by David Carter is a fun book that makes learning how to count to 100 exciting.  It isn't a story book but while going through all the pages kids will see fun pop out images all while learning to count to 100.   
 adventure starts underground as you count to 5
busy city, shady forest, outdoor surprises 
on the farm..there's lots to discover as you count to 100!
so much to learn and discover as you make it to 100!
My son was excited to go through every page with me, counting up with me.  I highly recommend this book, as it makes learning fun.  The book is full of fun educational flip out images of what you can find in the jungle, at the farm, the busy city and much much more.  It isn't just about learning to count, it doubles as a great picture book with lots of detailed images. 
Watch the book trailer here on youtube.  

*I received the book for the purpose of review.  All opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.

Pledge to Save the Sleeve

Do you have little one that loves to use their sleeve as a wipe?  As neat as my son loves to be, he is a kid, and kids tend to turn to their sleeve as wipes at times!  Boogie Wipes has launched a new promotion, and if your kids "Pledge to Save the Sleeve" your family will be entered to win one of 1,000 Save the Sleeve kits.  Each kit is filled with Boogie Wipes temporary tattoos, a backback button, Boogie Wipes samples, and coupons.  It's a fun giveaway and excuse to go over some basic manners with your child.
I helped my son take the pledge.
 While taking the pledge there are great fun facts for you to read to your child, and fun questions you answer to take the pledge.  It is only a few clicks to enter.

*Samples were provided for the purpose of this post.  No other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.

Bye Bye Heartburn with Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief #cbias

Oh food, how I love food.  But sometimes my body just doesn't agree with the food I choose to eat..and no I'm not talking about food allergies as usual.  This time I speak of heartburn.  If you follow me on twitter, you've probably seen plenty of my tweets "screaming" for relief all throughout my pregnancy.  When you're pregnant it is very common to get heartburn and perfectly normal if you do get it, so I used to deal with it.  I'd tweet out my frustration, eat ice, maybe cry a little.  No, I never cried but you get the point, I dealt with it.  I thought for sure I'd only deal with it during pregnancy, but sadly enough heartburn, my dear friend heartburn comes to visit me still.  I've yet to notice exactly what foods causes it to come back for me, because it has been unexpected and at different meals every time.  Now that I'm not pregnant I need relief, and recently picked up Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief at Duane Reade for it.
It turns out Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief, along with Head Ache Relief, Allergy Attack Relief, Upset Stomach Relief, Ache and Pain Relief, and Critical Care Aspirin to-go packets are conveniently sold right near check out at Duane Reade.  And quite the popular group of items as you can see by the picture above. 
The Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief is in powder form and comes in a flat packet.  It is convenient to have on the go, in a drawer at home, in your pocket and really anywhere.  Possibly the most convenient part for me was that it required no liquid.  You simply let it dissolve, since it's in powder form it's said that it enters your bloodstream faster than other forms of relief like pills or capsules.
You fold at dotted line and tear it to open, and as easy as it was it isn't too easy for a young child to open - although always important to keep out of reach of children.  No one likes taking medicine, so if you're afraid of the taste or amount of powder.  Don't be alarmed, it surprisingly tastes pretty good, and is not even a full half a teaspoon full as you can see in the picture below.

That painful burn..oh that horrible feeling...  Heartburn, heartburn seems to love surprising me by it's presence lately, but now I'm relieved to know I've got my on the go packets of fast acting Urgent Rx Heartburn Relief ready with me at all times.  Now you know where to find Urgent Rx on the go packets at Duane Reade, but here's the links to connecting with them online as well; @UrgentRx and

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