Smiling Brighter Thanks to Prime Time Smile from Duane Reade #DRsmile #cbias

image of Prime Time Smile Dual Action Whitening System
One of the many things I would love is to have some time to take care of myself, and by take care of myself, I mean my appearance.  I'd like to get my nails and hair done, go shopping, you know..many of which I don't get to do these days.  I treasure the days I get to take a long bath or actually have time in front of the mirror.  Speaking of in front of the mirror, I got to look at myself the other day!  And sadly I wasn't not pleased, my teeth seemed to have lost some shades of white.  I'll blame it on the extra amount of coffee and tea I have been consuming in the last three months with my infant.  Luckily I went to Duane Reade and purchased Prime Time Dual Action Teeth Whitening System that not only worked but didn't give me the sensitivity that I highly feared.  Oh and of course a huge plus was that it only takes 30 minutes at a time for one treatment. 
two pens and instructions inside

two pens and instructions in the kit
apply morning and night for 30 minutes at a time

twist to release gel, takes a good few twists for first time application
 apply the blue pre-whitening treatment first
 then brush on the teeth whitening gel right after-
leave on for 30 minutes and you're done

Like many I've always wanted my teeth whiter and brighter, but never gotten passed just trying a simple toothpaste or mouthwash with extra whitening ingredients.  As I mentioned I was terrified of possible sensitivity that teeth whitening products/treatments might cause so I was always scared to actually give a product a try, but with this Prime Time Smile product I read some reviews online as I've learned to do before I headed to Duane Reade to purchase.  One thing I read repeatedly was not only that the product worked but it didn't cause sensitivity - I had to give it a try, I wanted a bright #DRSmile!  I haven't tried other similar products to compare but I've seen friends use the tray, and this was much more convenient and easy.
specific instructions the kit comes with - also available online :)

The whitening system came with two pens and the instructions, it couldn't be simpler!  It only took thirty minutes of my time twice a day.  Morning right before the kids wake up and right after they fell asleep at night for five days.  I feel more confident and although my husband initially said that he didn't think I needed teeth whitening, he has mentioned that my smile is brighter - which makes me smile!  My biggest fear was sensitivity and after four days, I have no complaints! If you give these a try, the only added suggestion I have is to place a cotton under your lips to help with saliva.  Let me know if you have you try it, I'm purchasing one for my husband and more for me once I'm done!  I'm so thrilled to have seen results and no sensitivity!! :D*  Remember you can always keep up to date and in touch with Duane Reade on twitter and on facebook of their latest products.  And of course you can learn more about Prime Time Smile on their twitter and facebook accounts as well as to connect with them.

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