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#IngressDR sticker
Whether you are a "serious" gamer or like most of us - simply love to play games, Ingress is a game worth trying.  For me it's a first of it's kind.  I love video games at home and when I can, enjoy playing games on my phone so when I first learned about Ingress, I was intrigued and excited to give the game a try.  There's a scavenger hunt like feel to the game as I tested it out while finding the unique sticker, and location at Duane Reade.  I was already interested once I saw some tweets coming from players on twitter.  I couldn't help but wonder I wonder if it's the beginning of more mobile games like it, technology is fast moving, and since we are always connected it seems like a true possibility.  It uses your real time location on your Android device to help you complete missions, as you hack portals, charge up, connect with other players and so on.
once you are near a portal the app detects it...

 connect with other players
In the game, there is a mysterious energy that has been released by a group of scientists in Europe, it's said that this energy can potentially influence the way we think.  "We must control it or it will control us."  You get to choose if you are a part of the Resistance which is the side where you are choosing to fight for what's left of humanity, which is the side I chose in the game.  And "The Enlightened" make peace with this energy and embrace it.  But what's to be remembered as I tell you about the game, is that our world is the game, without moving around, there's no moving forward in the game.  I think for the best game experience, recruit friends to join in.
  exciting to find a location and see Duane Reade pop up
While playing the game, you will be able to find many locations in your real life so you can successfully play the game.  I got to test out the game at my closest Duane Reade store once I trained a bit at home.  Duane Reade is one of the locations a part of the game.  You will know by the Ingress sticker on the entrance of a location letting you know that there is something to do with Ingress inside, and another sticker inside with a special code on it.  Every store has it's one unique code helping you to move forward in the game, giving you extra energy, power, weapons etc. 
finish any last minute tasks while on the check out line
I honestly felt distracted while with my kids, shopping and playing the game so found it to not be a game for me but that's not to say I won't be "playing" the game every time I visit a Duane Reade location.  So will I make it a priority or task to play this game?  Probably not, but I will most likely be whipping out my phone every time I see the Ingress sticker.  I think Ingress is suitable for the one that is already all over the place in their daily routines, or perhaps a group of friends that are free to compete and complete the game...  The simplest of mobile games allow you to connect with friends and strangers to compete/compare but this definitely takes it to another level.  I'm glad Duane Reade is taking part, keep an eye out for those window stickers, it's for those that are "in the know" and indicates that there is something to do with Ingress inside the store.  Try it out for yourself today, download Ingress today on your Android phone and learn more about it at, and visit the Investigation Board at it's filled with clues and secret codes. 

So tell me will you choose to join the Enlightened or the Resistance? ;)

(*reminder“The Enlightened” seek to embrace the power that this energy may bestow upon us.
“The Resistance” struggle to defend, and protect what’s left of our humanity.*)

Below are activation codes so you can play too! 
Click here to download the game and enter code when prompted to start your mission!

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