Taking a Delicious Break with Asian Meals from Duane Reade #DRAsianMeals #Cbias

 As you all know I have been taking a unofficial, unplanned break from blogging recently.  I have taken a short time off to focus on my family since the addition of our new little girl.  Adjusting to two kids has been keeping me really busy.  Only recently have I started actually sleeping all night long as my daughter has allowed it to happen. :)  So it's obvious I love a "break" of any sort to be able to sit for a few minutes longer with my family in the evenings instead of making dinner, cleaning up after and realizing in between running back and forth to my 4 year old and 2 month old - it's bed time. 
My very recent break has been  made possible by the launch  of Malaysian Asian Meals now available at Duane Reade.  I didn't have to cook dinner for my husband and I, it was a delicious break that I'll be enjoying more often.  Afraid of the cold and public transportation with my newborn and preschooler I waited for my husband to get out of work and took a drive to Duane Reade to shop for the three varieties as a family.
The three varieties are Malaysian Garlic Sesame Noodle Bowl, Shitake Mushroom Noodle Bowl, and Lemongrass Noodle Bowl.  My husband and I tried the soup bowls and loved them.  I have tried similar rice noodle soups while eating out before so trying these weren't a venture out for my taste buds but if you are cautious about trying new foods, you can give these a taste at 10 select store sampling events that started 1/20 going on until the 1/26.  You will also be able to sample these at the Malaysia Winter Kitchen Market event at Bryant Park in February 20th and 21st, look for the Duane Reade booth.  A $1.00 off coupon will be handed out at both events as well.  Follow Malaysian Kitchen on facebook and twitter to learn more about their products and events.
The first soup bowl we tried. 
The flavoring, the dried vegetables, and the rice noodle packet were all separately packaged inside of a convenient little plastic bowl with a lid.
Empty out all packets into the bowl.
Pour hot boiling water in, or pour water in to microwave.  I poured hot boiling water.
Placed the convenient lid, and waited about 3-4 minutes.
You can top with already cooked meat, or vegetables if you like..or just stir, and enjoy..as we did! :)

It only took only about four minutes for me to have a hot soup on the table for us.  For $3.99 it was a steal, and a huge plus knowing the full ingredients were all natural.  I'm not usually one to turn to easy "just pour water in" or microwave meals but with no preservatives, trans fat free, no coloring added, and no MSG added I didn't feel horrible giving myself a break, and best of all  we didn't feel horrible after eating it.   
It's important as a parent to give yourself a break when you can, whether it's getting a few minutes to yourself, or in my case giving yourself a break from cooking a meal a few times a week.  I'm glad I gave #DRAsianMeals a try, and enjoyed a hot bowl of soup with my husband from Duane Reade this weekend.  I'm also glad I have all three varieties in my pantry now, out of all three my favorite was the Shitake Mushroom flavor, my husband loved the Sesame Garlic soup which took a separate trip to find, so worth it though.  If you aren't already, be sure you're following them on twitter, facebook and youtube so you can keep up to date with all the happenings! :)

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