Ring a Ding Ding at The New Victory Theatre #NYC #NewVic

Living in the city used to be so much fun for me when I wasn't a mom, and when everything wasn't about my family.  It can get hectic for family life, and I find myself often wanting to move away and live away from the busy streets and hustle and bustle of it all.  But then there's days I realize how much the city actually has to offer families.  With a little research, every week and weekend you will always find something from so many programs for kids, events geared for families, to wonderful plays for kids making New York City a wonderfully diverse cultural learning ground for children to grow up in.  A few weekends ago my family and I went to The New Victory Theatre located just steps away from the 42nd Street Times Square stations, to see Oily Cart's Ring a Ding Ding!  An incredibly unique play geared for children 3-5 years old.  My son who is now four was mesmerized the whole time, and I was once again reminded of how much the city has to offer, not just for the single gal, but for families as well.
Getting to The New Victory Theater couldn't be more convenient with so many trains going to Times Square, and visit downtown is always a fun one with so much to see all around.  I like not knowing what to expect when I go see plays, so I didn't read any reviews so I don't spoil our experience.  I read general info about it so I get an idea, and confirm that it is suitable.  With that in mind I don't want to spoil any surprises for you with this review so I'll stay away from detailed specifics, but I will start by telling you I recommend this show sooo much for families! 
My son enjoyed it every moment of it, it felt like an interactive unique story telling class/play, it was an experience for everyone.  I smiled the whole time watching the many little faces wide eyed as they stared on to every word, listened to every sound, and seemed literally at the edge of their seats.  My husband and I loved the attention to detail the writer and director Tim Web and designer Claire de Loon put into this play.  My husband pointed out how incredibly crafty it all was before I stopped to notice, props used all were constructed with recycled and re purposed materials from oil cans, soda lids, to garden hoses, a must see for yourself. 
An experience for little ones from the very beginning to the end.  They'll start with simple paper crafting, to ringing bells, jumping through hoops with bells, to being part of the play the whole time as they'll have a role as well (I'll keep that a surprise for you to find out).  Simple yet captivating, intriguing, fun for the whole family, nothing like we've experienced before!  My son loved it so much, after 55 minutes of play time with no imtermission he wasn't ready to leave, making another circle through the hoops right before we were able to say "bye" to the actors in the play.  None of the other children were eager to leave either as could be expected from any little one, but not during Ring a Ding Ding.  They all seemed like they could stay longer, adorable sight to see all around the room as they all reacted, smiled and joined in.  Definitely not just a show, an experience that your child will be a part of, interactive fun triggering many of their senses.  General admission is only $20, well worth the experience, specially weighing out how much it is for other family "fun" with our children could be these days, like sitting through a movie at the movies.  No comparison there, but price wise well worth every penny, so go now while the show is still running.  Ring a Ding Ding runs until November 11th at the New Victory Theater, tickets can be purchased here on their site, or by calling 646-223-3010. 

I'm also excited to share with you a 20% discount code to another great production MOJO, running now through November 4th at the New Victory Theater.  Use code MDMojo3412 at checkout. 

Many thanks to Mama Drama for the opportunity to experience this with my family and introduction to all that The New Victory Theater has to offer! 

*Tickets were provided by Mama Drama.  All opinions are a 100% my own.


Get Prepared for National Disasters - Zippo Fire Starter Kit Giveaway

September was National Disaster Preparedness Month, but really it's should be every month.  We should all be aware of being prepared for disasters of all types.  Natural disasters such as earthquakes, mud slide, hurricane or power outage from a severe thunderstorm, disasters can happen any time and it's so important for families to know how to be prepared.

One simple thing a family can do is have an emergency plan, and emergency items on hand just in case.  We have canned food, many food allergy friendly food products that are shelf stable which can be hard to get a hold of in case of an emergency, tons of water, and have a good amount of first aid items including many of my sons medicines.

Some items you should include in your household emergency kit:

  •  Water (one gallon per person per day)
  •  Food (ready to eat or requiring minimal water)
  • First aid kit and any special needs items for children, seniors or people with disabilities
  •  Several reliable sources of fire
  • Manual can opener and other cooking supplies
  • Plates, utensils, and other eating supplies
  • A copy of important documents & phone numbers
  • Warm clothes and rain gear for each family member
  • Flashlight and tons of batteries
  • Heavy work gloves
  • Unscented liquid household bleach and an eyedropper for water purification
  • Personal hygiene items including toilet paper, feminine supplies, hand sanitizer and soap
  • Plastic sheeting, duct tape and a utility knife for covering broken windows
  • Blankets/ Sleeping bags
  • Emergency "bags" should be made for pets with any basic supplies they may need as well
  • Large heavy-duty plastic bags to line a plastic bucket for waste and sanitation
Since we are speaking of emergencies, the ability to start a fire could be the difference between life and death.  So I bring you the Emergency Fire Starter Kits from Zippo.  The Emergency Fire Starter has a reliable flint-wheel ignition, comes with 4 tinder sticks, has a water resistant seal, floats in water, and is in a very lightweight case.  Easy to use, doesn't take up space, and an item that's always good to have in your emergency kit.  Zippo also offers Cedar Fire Starter, and a Hand Warmer available for purchase, both handy to have in your emergency "bag."  

I've added the Zippo Emergency Fire Starter to our families emergency items, and now you get to as well.
 One reader will win one Emergency Fire Starter Kit from Zippo
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My Son Just Ate My Phone #Parenting

Okay, my son didn't really eat my phone but he broke it..with his teeth!  The screen is cracked and looks like it will continue to fall into pieces if bothered too much.  I'm in complete shock about it.

He was playing a game on it with me, I got up because the house phone rang and he was upset- but nothing more than "noo!" pouting, I told him I'll be right back.  Then as I'm finishing up a quick conversation with my husband, my son comes crying uncontrollably walking back and forth nervous.  I turned to ask him if he was okay, thinking maybe he hit his elbow turning the corner, or tripped or something.  Then he tells me he broke my phone, in tears.  I remained calm, again, thinking he dropped it and the battery fell out making him think the phone was in pieces.

But no.  He tells me he bit it, and now it's broken.  He was in tears, out of breathe crying, so I didn't even yell at him.  In fact, I couldn't even get mad at him.  I made sure his mouth was in one piece and told him to go sit down to think about what he did.  I'm upset this happened, but maybe more confused.  He is a very calm child so why would he go biting into a phone?  Is this even heard of?

How upset should I be with him?  He clearly realizes it was wrong and a mistake.  But I don't want him to just let it go and have him think things like this is okay.  I mostly feel bad, and somehow feel it is all my fault..you know since I am the parent.  I missed the chapter on how to handle situations when your child bites into your phone.  All was fine, just him learning to deal with his emotions I guess...  I needed him to calm down and stop feeling so bad, after all it's just a phone, and so I comforted him.  I can't stand to see him in tears or so upset like that.  My husband and I secretly joked maybe he is smarter than we think, and turned the page around so we end up comforting him, and forget what it was all about at first.      

So far, all I did was sit him down to think about what he did, and calmly explained to him why he was in trouble.  I talked to him about emotions, how it is okay to get upset/sad and so on but to always think before acting on it.  

Has anything like this ever happened to you?  How did you handle it?


LEGO Star Wars ZipBin Toy Box & Playmat Review

My son has so many toys that are tiny and I'm personally always looking for fun ways to store them.  The Zip Bin has been great for his little Star Wars Fighter Pods set he loves playing with.  The LEGO Star Wars Zip Bin is great for little LEGO fans, and a great way to store the many pieces.  Also a cute feature,  the real LEGO Star Wars characters pictured on the playmat will be a real hit with a fan, my son loves it.

 Of course the best part about this product is that it is also a playmat not just a cool storage container.  It simply zips open into a cool playmat, and zips right back into a box when your little one is done playing.  Clean up after playtime has been so simple, my 4 year old zips it up and puts his little toys away on his own.  The playmat keeps him occupied, inspiring him to get creative and promoting his imagination as he creates scenes on the mat.

The Zip Bin are also available in different themes, and this one is perfect for fans of Star Wars, specially those that are fans of the LEGO building sets.  Makes for a great gift, parents and children will appreciate.

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*I received this product for the purpose of review, no other compensation was provided.  All opinions are a 100% my own.

Do Something Nice!

Did you know today is national "Do Something Nice Day"??  What a great excuse to pay attention to what you do daily...

How about intentionally doing something nice for someone random, it could be helping someone with the door, with their bags, or even making someone's day with a compliment.

Do something nice for your family..which I'm sure you already do- that part should be easy!

And lastly do something nice for yourself today, take some time to yourself to take a longer bath, or treat yourself to a sweet treat, whatever it may be! ;)

Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend, "celebrating" Do Something Nice Day, is a great way to start off the weekend right!

Wordless Wednesday - Fall Means...

Apples, apples, and apples!  
We went apple picking a weekend ago, now waiting patiently to go again hoping for a warmer, dryer weekend.  
Apple pies, apple bites, apples dipped in caramel, in chocolate, in sunbutter...  

What's your favorite way to enjoy an apple?