Stretch Marks - Did You Get Them?

Here I am back again, focusing on pregnancy, I was sure I said all that I wanted to but here I am still waiting for baby to come feeling more uncomfortable by day. 

Topic today, did you get stretch marks?  I was sure we all did, as I remember my mom had them but my sister got pregnant years before I did and had none.  She swears it was because she was good about putting creams, but I say it's all in the skin type.  So remembering her awesome experience, when I got pregnant with my son, I started swimming in all the "belly butters" I could find from the very beginning.  Only difference, I still had tons of stretch marks that appeared right in the end of my pregnancy.

This time again..I've been applying all the stretch marks prevention/healing creams every time I step into my bedroom, all day long.  I figure it'll happen anyway so I wasn't as passionate about it from the beginning.  So this time it's because the reminder of my skin ripping is there as my skin itches, and I look down only to see another wonderful pink line appear.  I accidentally scratched my belly on a corner of a table the other day, it didn't hurt much, but even that turned into a stretch mark going sideways.  Makes me sad because I know how it'll turn out eventually as I know how the stretch marks from when I had my son turned out.  They are full on scars that have faded, but nonetheless scars still visible.    What's more depressing the second time around is that the new stretch marks are appearing around the old scars that remain, what seems like the slowly taking over my lower belly. 

My sister thinks it's because I didn't apply enough cream, and swears that only reason our mom had them was because they didn't have the kind of creams back then like they do now.  Obviously, I'm sticking to saying it's all in your skin type, because I know I bathed in all those creams-same ones she used. 

So here comes the question, what's your take on stretch marks?  Did you get them?  What did/didn't you do?