Just Weeks Away - Pregnancy Update

Life's gotten extra busy and I find my self simply unable to stay up as I usually do to do my writing.  I'm very near the end of my pregnancy now, at 38 weeks, grateful to have made it this far without any major issues.  Many times I opened up a screen and started writing to update you all, only to get distracted or fall asleep.  Here's a piece from about two months ago that I started writing:

"I'm so close to my due date now, but I finally have a bump that's a full pregnant belly.  I was feeling all "in between" when I tried to get dressed, struggling to be comfortable in clothes for a long time it seems.  I take a while before I really start to show, it was the same with my son the first time around.

I have enjoyed shopping for clothes that go with my bump, and have enjoyed every little movement I feel from my little girl.  Most days I just wake up with a smile.

I have heartburn 24/7, my back hurts, my feet swell up if I'm on my feet too much, the symptoms are endless, but still I can't help but feel so blessed."

I still feel the same way, except that in the last two weeks I have grown from "Oh I love my bump" to "wow I'm so huge I can barely walk."  It's been amusing for everyone to giggle at me rolling out of bed, breathing hard just getting up and around.  Picking up toys or anything fallen on the floor has become a challenge, my son has been my little helper to make my days better.  I've been dealing with heartburn by drinking a few sips of hot milk, and chewing gum-eating small meals all throughout the day also helps. 

The baby twirls have obviously stopped, but have turned into full on kicks.  Subtle now since there isn't much space, but I still get strong ones here and there right into my ribs.  My little girl gets hiccups that rock my world, and as uncomfortable as it does get sometimes, I can't help but picture her with her hiccups and get all giddy about it. 

My back hurts so much lately, not even lying down helps.  Lying on my left is best, but I find myself on my right allot at night, and directly on my back isn't really an option.  So what has helped me?  What my family calls "my nest" has been my best friend this whole 38 weeks.  It's a pregnancy pillow by Today's Mom that I received and although it takes up allot of space on our bed, it gives me the proper support. 

Now that I'm very near the end I have starting getting stretch marks, sadly on addition to the ones that were there from my son the first time around.  My conclusion with stretch marks is that it all depends on your skin type.  I have bathed in all the creams and lotions to help prevent stretch marks both times, and yet I still got them, but I still would like to think it has helped prevent more damage. 

All that's left for me is to enjoy my days with my baby boy before he becomes a big brother, and get last minute things ready for our baby girl.  It has definitely been a rough month, from the day I tripped and fell giving everyone a scare crossing the street to storm Sandy coming for a rough visit.  Very grateful for everyday we are here and safe, mother nature has given us a big shake recently, prayers continue to go out to those affected.