I Get It Now - Pregnancy

Something very new to me this pregnancy, I have been extra fragile then I remember being with my son.  I was out for dinner when my first contractions came in with him at a few days short of 40 weeks, but here I am at 38 weeks at home feeling like I have to take it easy to keep baby in cooking in the oven for the right time. 

If I don't take it easy and make sure to rest, I get painful cramps - what feels like painful contractions, but they go away once I rest long enough.  Either way I don't want to cause the baby to come early, although I'm not as concerned as I was before now that baby is considered full term.

But what do I get now?

I get why I have read/heard women complain about wanting baby out already, becuase it is getting difficult to function.  If I bend down to pick up a toy, I feel the burn of heartburn getting stronger, and the pressure and weight of my belly makes it so hard to bend down.  I start of light on my feet, but it doesn't take many steps for me to start waddling instead.  My feet or back scream for relief if I'm on my feet too long, even if it's just standing in the kitchen.  My poor belly has bumped into everything possible, it has sees so much action, it can get it's own show of titled "Adventures of the Belly Bump," the first part of me to get in and out everywhere I go.  Stained while eating, wet while washing dishes, or even knocking things over with every turn.    

I know that I will soon be saying how fast time flies, and will find myself missing being pregnant so I'm not screaming "let it end" like many, but I do get it now.  So moms to be out there, I hear you out there and I get it, because I do find myself, specially in the evenings, unbelievably uncomfortable.  But I'm still treasuring every moment of it all.  The challenges will continue as I venture to start breastfeeding again, the healing process after delivery, and I have started to worry about losing weight as well...  Aren't the worries for a mom always endless?!  Not to mention being extremely nervous about giving birth..again this time, seems scarier now that I know what to expect, but I pray it all works out well.           

So in the meantime I'll be taking it easy and the next time I speak of being pregnant, it'll probably be me missing being pregnant but happily holding my baby girl in my arms. I'll consider this a wrap up of my pregnancy since I am about two weeks away from my expected due date and a huge update from when I announced my pregnancy in fear of what tomorrow will bring. Thanks to all those have been so supportive, and made these past few months enjoyable.