Ring a Ding Ding at The New Victory Theatre #NYC #NewVic

Living in the city used to be so much fun for me when I wasn't a mom, and when everything wasn't about my family.  It can get hectic for family life, and I find myself often wanting to move away and live away from the busy streets and hustle and bustle of it all.  But then there's days I realize how much the city actually has to offer families.  With a little research, every week and weekend you will always find something from so many programs for kids, events geared for families, to wonderful plays for kids making New York City a wonderfully diverse cultural learning ground for children to grow up in.  A few weekends ago my family and I went to The New Victory Theatre located just steps away from the 42nd Street Times Square stations, to see Oily Cart's Ring a Ding Ding!  An incredibly unique play geared for children 3-5 years old.  My son who is now four was mesmerized the whole time, and I was once again reminded of how much the city has to offer, not just for the single gal, but for families as well.
Getting to The New Victory Theater couldn't be more convenient with so many trains going to Times Square, and visit downtown is always a fun one with so much to see all around.  I like not knowing what to expect when I go see plays, so I didn't read any reviews so I don't spoil our experience.  I read general info about it so I get an idea, and confirm that it is suitable.  With that in mind I don't want to spoil any surprises for you with this review so I'll stay away from detailed specifics, but I will start by telling you I recommend this show sooo much for families! 
My son enjoyed it every moment of it, it felt like an interactive unique story telling class/play, it was an experience for everyone.  I smiled the whole time watching the many little faces wide eyed as they stared on to every word, listened to every sound, and seemed literally at the edge of their seats.  My husband and I loved the attention to detail the writer and director Tim Web and designer Claire de Loon put into this play.  My husband pointed out how incredibly crafty it all was before I stopped to notice, props used all were constructed with recycled and re purposed materials from oil cans, soda lids, to garden hoses, a must see for yourself. 
An experience for little ones from the very beginning to the end.  They'll start with simple paper crafting, to ringing bells, jumping through hoops with bells, to being part of the play the whole time as they'll have a role as well (I'll keep that a surprise for you to find out).  Simple yet captivating, intriguing, fun for the whole family, nothing like we've experienced before!  My son loved it so much, after 55 minutes of play time with no imtermission he wasn't ready to leave, making another circle through the hoops right before we were able to say "bye" to the actors in the play.  None of the other children were eager to leave either as could be expected from any little one, but not during Ring a Ding Ding.  They all seemed like they could stay longer, adorable sight to see all around the room as they all reacted, smiled and joined in.  Definitely not just a show, an experience that your child will be a part of, interactive fun triggering many of their senses.  General admission is only $20, well worth the experience, specially weighing out how much it is for other family "fun" with our children could be these days, like sitting through a movie at the movies.  No comparison there, but price wise well worth every penny, so go now while the show is still running.  Ring a Ding Ding runs until November 11th at the New Victory Theater, tickets can be purchased here on their site, or by calling 646-223-3010. 

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Many thanks to Mama Drama for the opportunity to experience this with my family and introduction to all that The New Victory Theater has to offer! 

*Tickets were provided by Mama Drama.  All opinions are a 100% my own.