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Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Son Just Ate My Phone #Parenting

Okay, my son didn't really eat my phone but he broke it..with his teeth!  The screen is cracked and looks like it will continue to fall into pieces if bothered too much.  I'm in complete shock about it.

He was playing a game on it with me, I got up because the house phone rang and he was upset- but nothing more than "noo!" pouting, I told him I'll be right back.  Then as I'm finishing up a quick conversation with my husband, my son comes crying uncontrollably walking back and forth nervous.  I turned to ask him if he was okay, thinking maybe he hit his elbow turning the corner, or tripped or something.  Then he tells me he broke my phone, in tears.  I remained calm, again, thinking he dropped it and the battery fell out making him think the phone was in pieces.

But no.  He tells me he bit it, and now it's broken.  He was in tears, out of breathe crying, so I didn't even yell at him.  In fact, I couldn't even get mad at him.  I made sure his mouth was in one piece and told him to go sit down to think about what he did.  I'm upset this happened, but maybe more confused.  He is a very calm child so why would he go biting into a phone?  Is this even heard of?

How upset should I be with him?  He clearly realizes it was wrong and a mistake.  But I don't want him to just let it go and have him think things like this is okay.  I mostly feel bad, and somehow feel it is all my know since I am the parent.  I missed the chapter on how to handle situations when your child bites into your phone.  All was fine, just him learning to deal with his emotions I guess...  I needed him to calm down and stop feeling so bad, after all it's just a phone, and so I comforted him.  I can't stand to see him in tears or so upset like that.  My husband and I secretly joked maybe he is smarter than we think, and turned the page around so we end up comforting him, and forget what it was all about at first.      

So far, all I did was sit him down to think about what he did, and calmly explained to him why he was in trouble.  I talked to him about emotions, how it is okay to get upset/sad and so on but to always think before acting on it.  

Has anything like this ever happened to you?  How did you handle it?



  1. Can't say this has ever happened to me. But I know some kids that just get so angry they don't know what to do with it. They were upset that you took the phone... so they took their anger out on the phone. I'm sure he didn't think biting it would break it... but "hurt" it. I would think the best approach would be exactly what you did. Although he should be punished somehow-- maybe by taking away video games if he has any. Seeing how a "game" is what made him upset.

  2. Ericka @NibblesNFeastsOctober 11, 2012 at 7:27 PM

    My son tends to bite ME when he gets angry. This is slowly going away but has started to kick things (including me) to express his anger. We always tell him that "it is not nice" over and over... sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't but we've noticed that now he tells us when he's angry or sad before he acts on it.

  3. My daughter would hide it. She wouldn't tell me if she did something like that. Usually I'll tell her that I'm disappointed with what she did and explain why she can't do something like that.

  4. well at least he was honest and told you what happened--good for you for keeping your cool. And thank goodness he wasn't hurt or cut from doing this.

  5. Our daughter is 3 and has a bit of a temper. Anytime her temper causes something to break or just gets out of control, we don't let her have that item again, until she can play with it nicely...or stop playing when it's time without a fight. We've taken tap shoes away from her because when it was time to stop tapping and time for bed, she started kicking things with the shoes, causing dents and scratches on her bed, the wall, etc. Those shoes are tucked nicely away in the closet until we think that she (and her temper) are ready for them!
    Sorry your phone is broken but so happy your son wasn't hurt!

  6. You sound like an amazing mother. Wow! I love how you handled it!

  7. OH no. You handled it very good though! I think my daughter would have hid it.

  8. Thank you! I wrote this in while still in shock. It was just not something you expect to happen you know... :)

  9. My daughter broke my phone about 6 months ago, the screen cracked in a bunch of little pieces. I was shocked also, but she didn't bite it, she threw it down on the floor, sorry it happened, but glad his teeth are OK!