Sea Shells with a Surprise!

My son has been amazing in welcoming our little addition to be.  Anxious to welcome her into our family.  He has included her in everything he can.  When we speak of our family, he includes her, which is just adorable.  He also surprises me often with little cute drawings, letters (scribbles) and other cute things that seem to include her, if that has anything to do with our family.

As almost every child does, my son collected shells on the beach this summer when we were on vacation in South Carolina. On one of the mornings at the hotel, he called me over and told me he had a surprise for me...
He had lined up three shells and pointed out that one was daddy, one mommy, and the smallest one was him.  Super cute right?  I thought so!  But that wasn't all...
He then lifted up the "mommy shell" and there was a little tiny shell inside!  That was "our baby" shell.  "Tada surprise!" he said as I melted in joy! ;D  A MOMent I will always remember!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again, sometimes it's the simplest things that mean the most in life! :)

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