Rookie USA is Now Open!! #RookieUSA #Cbias #NYC

You may recall a previous post I had shared with you guys about #RookieUSA and their great gear for your rookie..well the store had it's grand opening recently, so my family and I had to go check it out!  Located in a great neighborhood accompanied by other great shops at 808 Columbus Avenue, New York, it was a quick 15 minute drive away from our home.  Without a shopping plan in mind, we headed out in excitement...
Doors were wide open with the "Grand Opening" sign along with someone standing by with balloons right across the way.  I was unable to get a good image of the front for you guys because of huge trees that are right in front of the store making it hard for me to, but I promise it was great! :P  You can find more images from our shopping trip on Google +.
On our way to the store, my son and I talked about what he may want to purchase from Rookie USA, he insisted he needed new sneakers.  He has been complaining that every shoe he had was too small for him just that week, so the timing was perfect.  Initially I was thinking hooded sweat shirts, cotton tees, sweat pants, but he wanted new sneakers.  When we finally arrived, I was delighted by the inviting atmosphere; lots of friendly sales people.  My son ran in there like it was a playground, surprisingly excited about clothes.  He let me shop around, and wanted to keep shopping even when my husband and I decided we were done.  Luckily, they had tons and tons of choices for footwear for my son!
It was fun to walk around and look at the neatly displayed merchandise, along with the mannequins my son couldn't get enough of.  He kept standing by them, pretending to be one.
If you follow Rookie USA on twitter or facebook, you have already seen great pictures of the awesome sneaker chandelier that I was able to see in person!  And if you aren't following, get to it so you don't miss out, they update often and will keep you "in the know."  
A store that I could let my son could pick out anything, and I'm sure it'll be great!  Brands like Levis, Converse, Jordan, can't go wrong.  He was all over the place browsing with me, even pointing out girls items for his little sister due in November! ♥  Overall great feel to the store which had cool fitting rooms marked as "locker rooms," tons of selection for casual and sports wear for girls and boys.  Totally unique in itself for being geared for children, but yet very pleasant for both parents and kids to shop.          
My son chose his favorite pair of sneakers from this wide selection of infant/toddler footwear, and it worked out! 
He wanted to put on his new Jordan's right away after checking out...  We'll be heading back soon I'm sure, so I of course recommend that you go check it out! 

*I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Rookie USA #CBias #SocialFabric