I Love It When You Kick Me... Third Trimester!

Her little toes at 19weeks...
These little feet have been kicking nonstop. 
I felt pregnant, I was pregnant, every test said so, every professional said so.  I looked down rubbed my baby-less tummy and gave it love, then a few months later found out the truth.  The completely unexpected truth that it was an abnormal pregnancy.

Trying to move on from that has proven more difficult then I thought.  Whole half of this pregnancy has been in half denial, counting the days to pass hoping nothing goes wrong.  But now I can say after tons of baby kicking and twirling I feel so much love..love for this little girl inside my belly bump- I'm healing.  Every once in a while, I still turn around and say to my husband "we are really having a baby!" he gets why I say that, why it's such a big deal.  I can say I'll be all better when I share my baby's birth story with you all. :)      

I'm well into my third trimester now and couldn't be happier!  I have spent the past few weeks turning my home upside down, trying to feel ready for baby.  I don't feel ready, and I'm slightly freaking out a bit.  :P  It took for someone to point out to me how close my due date really is, I have only 2 months and a half until baby arrives..that is a whole lot closer than just saying "I'm in due in November."  Thanks to the many ultrasounds I got to see my baby girl, and the many appointments I got to hear my baby's heartbeat that kept me going.

My little girl kicks and twirls so much, sometimes I wonder if she ever sleeps, and makes me smile even brighter to think of a little active little girl in a few months.  My son has been so great, totally welcoming baby, always including her when he speaks of our family-already!  It's amazing how ready he seems to be to be a big brother!  He kisses the belly saying "good morning baby" and "good night baby" every day.  He even takes time during the day at times to hug his mommy and baby.  He speaks of how he will sing to her, and play with her.  I am in full joy because of him.

As for symptoms, I can't complain.  As long as baby and I are healthy, I can deal with symptoms.  I've had horrible heartburn, my legs get those painful cramps at night, my feet and legs swell up every night, my back hurts, I could always use more sleep, and so on but again no complaints! :)

But you can count on me saying "I love when you kick me" to my little girl in the meantime, until I can hold her in my arms.

Only thing left now is to really get ready for our baby girl.  I haven't shopped for her yet, and it's time to start getting ready, her due date will be here sooner than later.