Allerbling Food Allergy Awareness Bracelet - Review #foodallergy

As you all know by now, my son has multiple food allergies.  I'm always looking for new food products he is okay with, as well as new products to help keep him safe.  I recently learned of Allerbling bracelets, and we had the opportunity to try out a full Allerbling Kit for my son.

The full Allerbling kit comes with 8 food allergy awareness charms, one medical cross charm, and two different size bracelets for children ages 3-8.
The charms included in the kit:

  • Peanut allergy 
  • Trea Nut allergy
  • Shellfish allergy
  • Wheat allergy
  • Soy allergy
  • Dairy allergy
  • Egg allergy
  • Fish allergy

My son liked the bracelet right away, he was eager to learn the purpose of it, and put it on right away.  The charms are a bit hard to put on the bracelet, but once on- less likely to fall of and get lost, which is a plus.  It's great to have so child also learns of his allergies, and for others to know what he is to stay away from.  It's in full bright colors, my son seemed to really like it and hasn't taken it off for days now.

We put all the charms on for my son except for the soy allergy charm, and still would need some custom made ones to complete his long list of allergies, as well as a second bracelet.  They offer a list of charms titled "common food allergy charms" and "less common food allergy charms."  I definitely suggest them for kids with food allergies, I think specially great if you don't have a long list of allergies.  Instead of a dreaded "medical" bracelet, it makes it a bit more interesting for kids and gets them and everyone aware of the allergens they should steer away from.  For kids that are allergic to one or all of the top 8 allergens, the full Allerbling kit is perfect.  Keep an eye out for them in stores, find them online here, also be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter.  

*I received the product for review.  No other compensation was provided, all opinions are a 100% my own.