UNREAL Candy - Review and #Giveaway

Junk food doesn't need to be actual junk, and that's what Get UNREAL is about.  Unreal candy uses real cane sugar, real milk, no corn syrup, no artificial flavors or coloring, more cacao, more protein and fiber, no artificial colors/flavors, and no hydrogenated oils or fats.  Oh and of course it tastes really good!  Get a fun look at Unreal Unjunked candy bar in comparison to a "junked" candy bar here under the "black light."  I'm usually not a fan of candy bars, but with these I have been hooked.  I would choose these over the other leading candy bars any day.

Keep an eye to try these for yourself, you've got to try these for yourself!  Now available at Rite Aid, Staples, BJ's, CVS, Michael's, Walgreen's, Fred Meyer, Kroger and more!  See a full list here.  Also will be coming to Target right in time for Halloween in October!

Do you prefer artificial coloring or all natural coloring?  Of course you would rather be eating an orange candy, colored with achiote tree seed instead of a chemical dye.  See the other natural coloring they use here, compared to chemical dyes often used.  I often feature food allergy friendly options and although this is something that isn't allergy friendly, I think it is a health conscious product line.  I've said many times that food allergies has made us more conscious of what we eat, and what is in our food.  It's surprising, unfortunately too often in a bad way how much junk is actually in our food- food we eat everyday.  Unreal candy bars, is still candy, and is still a snack, a treat!  But it is delicious candy that you won't have to worry about the extra junk in them.  Also these are gluten free, but processed in a facility that processes gluten..just f.y.i.

All sounds so good right?  What's not to love!?  Candy..chocolate without the stuff you didn't want in there in the first place! 

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Good Luck! :) 
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