Sweet Suite Sweet Suite Sweet Suite- say that 3 times fast!

Last week was so fun, I got to get out of the house by myself to meet with actual adults.  That doesn't happen often!  I'm a full time mom, that barely ever gets real time to myself unless everyone has wandered away from me well fed or asleep.  So I went to attend BlogHer12, I was only a subway ride away but I mind as well have been out of state because I only made it home to shower and fall asleep, only to do it all over again the next day.  

It was a very busy, and fun few days.  I got to meet up with friends that I only had spoken to online, I hadn't even heard their voices before, yet I knew them for about a year before we finally met in real life.  Although our first time meeting each other, it was as if we knew each other all our lives.  We were talking, and laughing the second we met up.  

Now back to one of my favorite events I attended during BlogHer12!  Sweet Suite!  I just love saying that, and it's a bit of a tongue twister if you say it enough times! LOL  

I was lucky to get off the waiting list after not being around when first sign ups came up.  And boy am I glad I got off the waiting list!  I ended up going alone, and at first nervous not knowing what to expect..I loved every minute of my time there.  I was in toy heaven and I was by myself, without my son as an excuse.  The setting was wonderful, and if you ask me the location was great too!    

Starting from the back, making my way around meeting all the wonderful brand reps, being able to speak to every single one of them was a treat!  And speaking of treats, there was plenty around!  I was too busy walking around playing, and crafting to actually eat sweets, now you know that was a good time when a pregnant woman walks around barely eating SWEETS because of all the other fun.

Brand after brand, toy after toy, I loved it.  All the reps were so helpful, and informative, I walked out having learned so much about the toy market and not only what I want for my children, but also what to expect will be available to them in the future.  I hope to bring you some of those awesome products here.  One of the booths I stopped by was the Xbox booth, were I picked up this little guy for my son.  
You probably know allot of the facts about Xbox Kinect, but here's a list of facts just in case you didn't!
 -With Xbox Kinect you are the controller, unlike with other interactive gaming there is no worries of throwing your remote through your screen.  Along with that you can set up parental controls so that your kids only have access to content you approve.
 -Xbox LIVE is good for watching all your favorite TV shows, not just a gamer thang!  It is packed with archived sports, streaming and even the Olympic highlights. 
-Soon they will be introducing a 2-way TV experience with Sesame Street and Nat Geo shows so your kids can learn while they play, without even knowing it!  (I got to see a sneak preview of it and have to say-it looks like fun)
-"Dance Central 3" allows you to make any room full of people get up and dance- instant party! -Also great for exercise.  Speaking of exercise with "Nike+ Kinect Training" you get to have a virtual trainer who coaches you with every move..working out at home can be fun!
-Lastly..Kinect keeps your kids active.  They The whole family can learn, keep active all while playing.  Kinect has won accolades from groups like Children's Technology Review and Parent's Choice Awards.  

As you can see I had a great time, I had spent over an hour effortlessly without knowing it.  This has been one of my favorite events to attend.  Thank you to all the sponsors, I hope to connect with you all further.  And The Big Toy Book for having me!  I apologize for not having more pics. I was too busy having too much fun... ;)     

*This post is an entry to a giveaway from The Big Toy Book.  I received goodies from sponsors while attending Sweet Suite, but all opinions are my own.