Much Needed Date with My Husband - Avenue Q #BlogHerBway

Your view is probably different from mine, I say that just based on what I heard from those seeing the play that day.

I have been going to see Broadway plays for a long time now, back in the days, I used to go to many plays, on and off Broadway for fun every other week.  Not as common now that I'm a full time mom, and mom to our little boy with severe food allergies, my husband and I don't get many date nights.  But earlier this month during BlogHer12 my husband and I had the opportunity to take the afternoon off and go see a play thanks to Mama Drama.  At first we didn't think it would happen, because of our situation with a babysitter but luckily grandparents were able to watch him for about 4 hours for the first time, and despite our worries all worked out well!

I actually didn't get a chance to read up on what Avenue Q was going to be about, only managed to skim through some negative reviews so it all came to be a surprise to me.  Right away there was a "Sesame Street" feel to the play, my husband actually asked "is this for kids?" in the very beginning, but we both quickly learned it wasn't.

It was humorous with realistic life situations.  It was in an intimate setting at New World Stages where there was even a fun scene where they were able to interact with the audience.  Covering many life situations; that of a single girl looking for love, that of a guy out of school- out of work, a newly married couple (biracial couple), two roommates with one struggling with his sexuality, and so on.  I didn't have a moment where I found myself disconnected from the stage or wanting it all to end, we both enjoyed it.

My husband and I have very different tastes in movies/plays but we both liked Avenue Q.  A musical that wasn't afraid to be crude, and despite the "realistic situations" I mentioned, be taken so seriously.   Although you might actually find yourself relating to some personally or it might make you think of someone you know.  But most importantly just laugh, and enjoy your time there.  Enjoy the talents and their ability to put on a show, plus amazing voices as they easily put on a show with puppets right in front of you.  It wasn't anything like any other play I've seen before, but nonetheless just as great!  Unique and worth seeing if you have an open mind, and aren't strict about every play being traditional.

*I was provided tickets for the play, all opinions are a 100% my own.  No other compensation was provided.