You Do What You Can - Allergy Friendly Pizza #foodallergy

sorry for the dark picture-was a quick shot during a busy morning
but I promise it looked better in person and tasted great! ;)
Where have I been all this week?  I have been visiting my sister, out of state, getting together with old friends and family I hadn't seen in more than a year.  My laptop has been acting up lately, and internet hasn't been available to me as much as I wish it was.  But today, I bring you a quick update.

One of the main reasons we came this way was because of my nieces birthday party.  We usually try our best to make it a point to at least get together for holidays, and our kids birthdays.  I'm usually the one put "in charge" of organizing games during the party and anything extra for entertaining the kids.  This year, we did one of the simplest birthday parties we have ever put together.  We invited a few of her friends, and had a pool party.  My brother in-law is an amazing cook, very creative, and makes it all looks so easy, but we planned to give him a break this year.  They decided to order pizza in for the kids, which worked out great.  My niece requested ice cream cake, and that's what we got her. ;)

The party was great, but it required for me to do a little bit more, as usual.  My son cannot have anything ordered in, and definitely none of the ice cream cake, so I had to think of alternatives for him.  He was so excited about his cousins birthday, and was telling me how he looked forward to pizza that morning.  Since I wasn't home I didn't have my usual pantry full of items I could create from.  I went for a quick drive to pick up King Arthur's Gluten Free All Purpose Flour, some tomatoes, and Daiya cheese.  I would usually use more, like "egg replacer" and maybe some xanthum gum, but I couldn't go purchase everything I needed for half a teaspoon of an ingredient since I was away from home.  I attempted to create something that tasted good and used the logic I would use if I wasn't cooking allergy friendly.  I was totally "winging it" and just hoping it comes out good using what I had, and was so happy when it turned out great.  My son was so happy - and that makes me so happy.

Total time about 30 minutes:
I made a quick sauce with the tomatoes, onions, meat, and a pinch of salt & pepper.
Mixed together water and the flour until I kneaded it together.
Flattened the dough thin into a mini pizza pie shape on a foil.  
Placed it in the oven for about 10 min.
Placed the sauce and (dairy free) Daiya Mozzarella cheese on top.
Kept in oven (350) for another 10-15 minutes.
*I'd use a baking sheet, more ingredients-measured but I had to make it work with what was available. 

My son and my niece wanted to eat it right away because of how good it smelled.  I was so excited about, I just had to share.  It worked out, and he ate the whole little pie when everyone else had their slice of pizzas at the party.

As for the ice cream cake alternative, I couldn't bake for him but I did make sure he had a sweet treat.  I bought dairy free, allergy friendly ice cream, cut it out of the little pint in a triangle shape.  Placed little pieces of Enjoy Life Foods chocolate bar on top.  He knows it was all different, but he was so happy to not be left out, and that makes it all worth it.  Sometimes you do what you have to, I was planning ahead for my little boy the whole time, from snacks, food, pinata candy, to desert - so happy it all worked out.  It isn't always easy being a "food allergy mom" but I will always do all that I can for my little boy.  I hope that this simple recipe is something that might help you, let it be a starting point to something different, or try it as is.  :)