"Crab Hunting" Makes Our Day!

I'm on a mini vacation with my family right now.  Enjoying a few days on the beach in Hilton Head Island, SC.  So far our trip hasn't started so smoothly, only because we were supposed to arrive in the afternoon today but instead got here after 10 PM.  We've already lost a day out of our short getaway, but we are about making the best out of it all.  My son was amazing through out the very long trip, an adventure it has been to get here.  He took a two hour nap during the day, and was energized, talkative, and friendly with everyone all day.
So far the whole day it has taken to get here, has all been worth it.  We arrived at our hotel very late, but we still wanted to squeeze in a little fun before we went to bed, so we went to take a walk around the resort.  We walked onto the beach in the dark to find others walking along the shore.  The water wasn't freezing cold, the sand was soft as we held hands walking along with a slight breeze in the air.  We ran into a very nice family walking with flashlights and little nets, they told us they were "crab hunting."

They walked in the dark on the beach, and would run into little crabs coming out of the sand, catch it in the net and then let them go as they rush into the water or dig themselves back into the sand right before us.  It was a dad with his three daughters, visiting from Alabama, coming to their yearly summer vacation destination.  My son was so excited to meet them and wanted to see a crab.  We luckily got to see a few crabs, my son even got to catch one, and "dance" with one.  He does what he calls a "crab dance" that he made up and spoke of dancing with a crab if he sees one on vacation.  Who knew that would be the first one "to-do" off our checklist! ;)

I loved growing up in NYC and enjoy living there, but the more I get to see other states and meet many from different places, the more I want to move for a better family life.  It has been a very long day, I didn't get to take any pictures, but will try to share some of our getaway in the days to come.

As for now, time to join my family fast asleep next to me.  Instead of thinking of how long it took us to get here, and how many headaches we had today to just get here, I'm going to sleep with a smile as I picture how my toddler danced with a crab in the dark on the beach...  ;)