Allergy Friendly Pasta Dish

As easy to make as it was for my toddler to eat up!  I made a bowl for my son and my niece.  They both loved it.

I used Nathan's Hot Dogs that my son is okay with.  There is a risk of cross contamination risk there though, just FYI...  Substitute with any kind of meat/poultry or skip it entirely-will work great either way.

Daiya mozzarella cheese.

Tomato sauce I made from scratch, nothing like a fresh tomato to start it off.

And the Ancient Harvest Quinoa Pasta- Spaghetti, learn more about their products here.
They both finished the bowl of pasta, and asked for more the next day for lunch again.  I made it with grilled chicken the next day as they both seriously insisted I make it for them again.  My son has severe multiple food allergies, my niece has none; they both loved it.  I always go for simplicity in the meals I make for my son, and it works.  It is healthy, freshly made, and that makes this mom very happy.