"What? Did You Think You Still Had a Baby?"

Facing the fact that your child/ren are growing up isn't easy.  Right before my eyes this little boy that was once in my arms so easy to hold and carry is too big and tall.  I remember when he used to be amazed at seeing himself on the screen after I recorded him, but now he is running around taking pictures of things.  His first little words..I could still hear it "ma.ma" as I look at my boy in full amazement tell me story after story using words like "absolutely, necessary, hostile..etc."  He will be four soon, and all I could do is stare at him and smile.  Where did the time go?

My latest wake up call was the other day when I took a walk outside so he can nap.  We went to the park in the morning, spent a long time there, so on our walk back home I decided it would be nice if I walked around so he can nap.  My husband went upstairs as I stayed to walk, walk, and walk, until I look down into the stroller where my son sat to see him wide awake, as he turned to ask me if we could go home now.  Then I realized "when was the last time he even took a nap?" or fell asleep in a car ride, or a stroller stride.  Oh no no no, I have become one those moms that I've seen with their ten year old in a tiny stroller with their legs hanging off of it.  Have I?  OK..no my son stills fits fine in his, I asked my husband to see with clearer eyes.

Is it so wrong to really mean it when I say "you will always be my baby," I just have to face the fact that he is much older than I like to think sometimes.

When I came in from the walk outside with my son, my husband saw the expression on my face and said to me "What? Did you think you still had a baby?" with a smirk.  All we could do is laugh about it.

How old are your children, your niece/nephews?  Don't they grow up so fast!? :P