Wanna Talk Cravings?

Cannot believe I have no image of my
NOW favorite dish in my albums.  Will take care of that
this weekend. ;)
Yup..I'm getting real creative...  About 17-18 weeks pregnant now, my mind has been slowly taken over by thoughts of food, sleep, and what's left of me is spent with my little boy.  And I have yet to mention the daily chores we do as moms.  Days have been passing by real fast.  I have a little bump that still can be confused as I ate too much.  Just trying to enjoy the pregnancy, and keep my mind off of being scared something will go wrong.  So let's talk cravings...

I love talking about food, more than ever before.  Last time I was like this I was pregnant with my son.  I've always said that I don't have cravings but now that I'm pregnant again..I do, I crave, and I crave very specifically.

Do you remember if you had any specific cravings?  I have been craving Fettuccine Alfredo, green salad with avocados, fruits and randomly I really want a beef patty with corn bread.  Nothing too strange right?  I craved the same things when I was pregnant with my son.  Only problem is that I want it, and would eat it everyday if I let myself.  My husband had to deal with me wanting Fettuccine Alfredo two days in a row, including for lunch because of leftovers, and had to stop me when I wanted to same thing the next day. LOL..  I haven't had any strange cravings like I've read about before, I've heard people wanting to eat matches, and sand.  Only difference this time around, so far, I'm not that into sweets which I'm thankful for.  With my son I wanted ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery every other week towards the end of my third trimester, hoping I don't get like that again. :P

So..that's it, I want lots of pasta specifically with Alfredo sauce, lots of greens, and lots of fruits, all of which I've had plenty of already.  I haven't had a beef patty with cheese and corn bread yet, last time I had one of those like that was years ago, when I was dating my husband.  I wonder if it will change as the weeks pass, probably will.  But I'm just glad that I'm not craving anything too bad, all in moderation right? :)

What are you craving? You don't have to be pregnant to be craving..hehe. ;)  I can talk food forever so share away!