Reasons to Find Out Your Baby’s Gender #pregnancy

When I had my son I couldn't wait to find out what I was having, and found out as soon as possible.  Wouldn't have it any other way if we turned back time.  You may have noticed a few tweets, and status updates on Facebook that in 10 days I will find out the gender of my second baby.  I am so excited about it, sonograms have been my favorite part of this pregnancy, as close to being able to see the baby before the day of birth.

Like most expectant mothers, I have been reading up on tons of what to expect, what's going on with baby now, and so on recently.  And I ran into so many articles  about why you shouldn't find out the gender, but here are my reason why you should find out the baby's gender:

-You've already waited halfway into your pregnancy when you can find out, so it's surprise enough.
-You can start looking at gender specific baby clothes, and products.  I had a boy so "if" I have a girl I would love to start looking at the girls section in the store, the side I have yet to visit.  Or should I look at the little cute boys clothes, I need answers, don't you? :P  As much as I am for gender neutral colors, I have to admit I want to find out so I have more options while shopping or filling up my shopping cart.
- I don't need a "is it a boy/girl?" to keep me intrigued during labor, I have enough- wondering who my baby will look like.
-Everyone wants to know, so just find out and have an answer.  Do you really want to hear everyone guess, as they rub your belly with their fortune telling skills?! :)
-Enjoy the resources that are available to us now, unlike in our parents age, unless you are still holding back from carrying a cellphone as well..then well you and I - we are different. ;)
-You can start referring to your baby as "my baby girl" or "my baby boy" instead of just your baby.

On a serious note, I understand how waiting can be more exciting and different, but I personally cannot wait to find out. :)  One thing I do like to wait nine (really ten months) for is giving my child a name, I like to have some options and then seeing my baby to decide and announce.

Did you find out baby's gender or wait till baby was born to hear the those special words "It's a boy/girl"?