Quick Pretzel S'mores - Fun for Kids

My little one has yet to have s'mores but we have made our version of it many times.  Here's one way that works. :)
Pretzels, mini marshmallows, and melted chocolate chips.  I softened it all up in the microwave for a very short time before dipping in melted chocolate.  

Soften up the marshmallows
Dip in chocolate.
Had my son "help" me with these.
Only made few to start, but it didn't even last for a picture. ;) 
*Works just as well, maybe even better if you are going for the full s'mores effect, if you place chocolate pieces inside, over the marshmallows, and place in a toaster oven, until you see it melt and the marshmallow ooze a bit. ;)

-We used allergy friendly alternatives; Glutino Pretzel Twists, Enjoy Life Foods Chocolate Chips, and Kraft-mini marshmallows.  Nothing too fancy, but definitely had lots of fun with my son, plus it was a great salty-sweet treat.