Love Yourself - Love Life - Live Life

It's so important to love your own body, and yourself.  As you are, no matter what.

Every woman that I know has some kind of an issue with their body.  Not one is pleased, there's always something to hide, and at least one thing they wish they could change.

I am right there with everyone.  I have always been unhappy with how I look, I look back and say how I wish I looked the way I did a year ago and so on.  Meanwhile if I think back, I was never happy with my body then.  It starts early on, from teen years for most women.  I have always felt I struggled with weight, and body image, but the more I open up to others I find I'm not alone.  If you are self conscious about how you look, it starts to affect how you are in social situations as well.

There are confident women out there I have come by who are so happy and proud to be who they are and how they look, and I totally look up to that.  Even if the world doesn't agree, they love themselves and it is a contagious outlook.  Everyone around you will love you, and see what you see if you focus on your beauty..not all physical.  Inner and outer beauty.

So my point, love yourself.  Learn to look at yourself in the mirror and love who you are.  Before anyone loves you, you have to love yourself as you are.

As a silly example, if every time you tried on a shirt, you looked at it and criticized how you looked in it, well everyone around you will just see that.  Now you try that again, but focus on something positive and put on a smile, everyone will see that instead.  If you continue to focus on what you don't like about yourself, that's what everyone including yourself will see-that will effect the way you see yourself (most important) then how everyone sees you.  So important to be confident about yourself in life.

We are all so different, we are all beautiful in our own way, and we all should love ourselves for our differences. :)  Our body image changes, we change our minds, we are always growing and evolving..go with it and smile at it all.  Live life to the fullest, focus on what's important to you, what makes you happy.