Big Apple Barbecue Block Party 2012

I went to the Big Apple Barbecue Block Party with my family last weekend.  Love finding different things to do or be a part of in the city, one of the highlights of living in New York City- there is always something going on.  We were able to try barbecue from pit-masters from different states who brought their signature plates.  Lines were long, plates were $8 so the expense does add up quite fast.  Was finally able to upload some pictures, and thought I'd share. :)
The lines were long, someone said as long as "Six Flags" lines.  They weren't kidding.
The smell of the natural wood charcoal alone was so good...
HUGE grills, def. not the ones we use in our backyard. ;)
Pit master Ed Mitchell from NC, himself...
Whole hog on a bun w simple Cole slaw...
Baby back ribs from another grilling station.
If you paid extra ahead of time for a "Fast Pass" you get shorter lines and
access to porter potties and hand washing stations.  Really.  A nice couple handed
their passes over to us when they were leaving and saved us hours we wouldn't
have waited.  :) 
Live music...
Blue Smoke..our favorite.  They had Salt & Pepper Beef Ribs that my son
was able to enjoy after I confirmed he was alright with the ingredients
they used...  :)

The BBQ beef ribs
More giant grills...
yikes..whole hog... >.<
My personal favorite part:
Blueberry Pie a La Mode. :)
We arrived late, enjoyed the day thanks to a great couple who handed their passes over to us.
--Thank you if you are out there!! --
This was our first year, and we didn't even know this was their 10th year, we plan to attend again next year. :)