No Need to Soak Overnight with #DawnPowerClean

I love to cook, I love to bake, I love being in the kitchen creating, discovering new flavors.  If I could, I would stay in there all day, which I almost do, experimenting with different dishes for my son.  But one thing I do not love about being in the kitchen is the dishes!  I wish the dishes would do themselves, I wish I had my own "cooking show" staff to make all the dirty dishes "disappear."  Well, since I don't have that luxury, I have to resort to doing them all myself...  Having the right stuff to help me get sparkling clean pots, pans, dishes is key.  Recently I got to try Dawn Power Clean and was pleased with the results as it helped me keep my kitchen clean with more ease.

One of my favorite ways to cook up a meal is by using the oven, just like using the slow cooker, it is one of the easiest ways to make amazing dishes.  It takes 'wait' time, but it also takes less prep time and attention if you ask me.  Just yesterday I made chicken roasted in the oven for dinner, with a side of mashed potatoes, and broccoli.  I tossed the chicken around in seasoning and into the oven, steamed the broccoli, and made easy mashed potatoes.  I love using the oven, specially when it's cold out, heats up the home and fills it with a great aroma..but most of all I love it because I don't have to stand in the kitchen over the stove for too long.  Using the oven unless lining with aluminum foil could be the price of a nicely sauce splattered bake-ware like the one below, as you can see all around the sides.
sorry not a pretty pic...
I always like to have a clean kitchen when I go to bed, so that the next day I could start fresh but it isn't always the case.  Usually, I stand in the kitchen, prepare the meal, cook the meal, and then plate the meal- sometimes taking as much as an hour or more.  By the time dinner is ready, I don't want to stand in the kitchen any longer washing the pots and pans that I just cooked with, so in most cases I join my family to sit and eat.  But sometimes after eating, I don't want to run and do the dishes...  Anyone relating with me here? ;)  My parents were kinda strict with us about simple things like making sure the sink is clear before going to bed, and showed us a good example of it, so I'm pretty good at that..most days!  Then there's days like last night the dish I used in the oven needed some extra scrubbing after I let it cool down, and I would generally leave it to soak overnight, but I had the Dawn Power Clean to try out.  After about a five minute soak, it was an easy wipe with the sponge.  I was so impressed, almost made washing dishes fun..almost! ;)  Right after serving everyone and once the dish was cool enough, I left it to soak, came back to an easy clean, no need to soak overnight!

I can wake up to a clean kitchen, and a clear sink thanks to Dawn Power Clean on days I use the oven since there's no more soaking overnight necessary.  It made those dishes that needed extra soaking and rinsing easier to wash, saving me time, and worked great for my everyday dishes.  You can learn more about Dawn dish washing products here on their website, become a fan on Facebook here.  As you can see I'm so glad I got to try it, have you tried Dawn Power Clean yet?  

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