What Are You Doing to get Your Skin Spring Ready? - Dial NutriSkin Challenge! #DialNutriSkin #Cbias

Great selection of skin care to choose from at Walmart
What kind of skin do you have?  And how are you caring for it?  I used to have great skin, I used to!  In the past two years, my skin has become so sensitive to everything, to the cold, to the sun, even to some skin care products.  I don't know why exactly, but I know half of it was because of I didn't care for my skin enough.  My son had severe eczema from when he was  few months old because of his food allergies, I made sure I took care of his skin, properly moisturizing twice daily.  In the midst of worrying about him, I did less for me, I took a quick shower and didn't bother to moisturize after.  Slowly but surely it started to show with extra sensitive skin, not caring properly was definitely a reason for it.  I'm taking steps now to give extra care for my skin, as well as trying to find what works best by doing a Dial NutriSkin Challenge.  I headed to Walmart to purchase the Dial NutriSkin Replenishing Lotion for Sensitive Skin.  
Easy choices that covers many needs.
I have gotten so much better with caring for my skin compared to the first year of my sons life, but still have to make sure to care for my skin better.  My biggest thing at this time of year, a bit more than the colder seasons is to prepare my skin for the warmer days.  Spring and Summer means more time outside, and more exposure to sun.  In the past year, my skin has become extremely sensitive to the sun, if I sit out exposed for too long, I don't just get sunburn but a horrible rash that follows after, and that is with proper sun protection.  I was interested in doing a Dial NutriSkin challenge, where I made sure to use the Replenishing Lotion for sensitive skin for five days straight to see how it worked and to see the results.
After... Wish you could FEEL the difference.
I know you can't see the difference so much, but
try it out for yourself, so you can. :)
Calling it a challenge and sharing it with you all made me make sure to really apply daily to see real results.  I also used the Dial NutriSkin Body Wash which made the experience even better.  I enjoyed the selection, the great prices were hard to pass up as well.  Glad the choices were made easy and simple, you can see my photo story here on Google+.  The Dial NutriSkin lotion for sensitive skin is fragrance free and hypo-allergenic with nutrients the skin needs, so I was confident with every application.  One of my favorite parts of it is how it dissolves quickly and doesn't linger with an oily residue like feel, as some lotions/creams do.  I was excited to see the results right away with the very first application and really see an all around difference by the second day.  I love the scent I chose for the body wash (white peach & shea butter) and the fragrance free replenishing lotion was perfect to use with.  It is affordable skin care that works.  You can't see in the "before and after" pictures, but if you could feel, my skin is so much softer than it was before.  I'm glad to have added using #DialNutriSkin to my skin care routine.  Get more information, tips and more, as well as other who have done the "challenge" here.  You can find Dial on twitter, and facebook where you can keep up to date, and even get answers to any questions you may have.

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