Try Not to Take Anything for Granted

You just never know what tomorrow will bring, so I just want to say stop and appreciate today!  I've seen too many not so great incidents in my life, and it only makes me appreciate everyday and everyone in my life.

Loss in the family, near death experiences, close family/friends getting sick.  It sometimes takes things like this to make a person appreciate the little things in life that really seem to matter the most in the end, but I'm here saying "appreciate it today."  Don't wait for Thanksgiving to say "thank you," do it today, don't wait for birthdays and holidays to say "I love you," say it now!  Soo they look at you weird and know deep down everyone loves to hear it! :)

Often no matter if you are the most organized, or seem in control of your life, that "control" can be taken away in an instant without warning.  So even if you are having a "bad" day, know someone else has it worse, but really most of all remember to smile and laugh about all the good in your life.  Make the best of every moment in your life.

Work on the negative but focus on the positive in your life.

And with that, I'll also say..I appreciate every single one of you that come by here, and for everyone that has supported me.
 ~thank you~