Taking Up a New Hobby - Knitting

I was out shopping a few weeks back, actually, maybe even a few months back when I ran into a cool crafting aisle...  I saw an assortment of all that I needed to knit and crochet.  I found myself very interested in the idea of being able to do anything of the kind.  With the temptation and affordable prices I ended up picking up a few knitting needles, one crochet needle, and two yarns.
Day by day I looked at the yarn and needles staring at me as a reminder, right by my bed to learn already...  Finally last night, I looked up some Youtube videos, and learned the basics.  Everything seemed impossibly hard, even something as simple (now simple) as "how to cast on."  I found myself in a knot, and frustrated with videos that seemed to be so fast moving.  Then somehow after replaying between two videos I got it.  I learned to cast on, which is unbelievably easy, and I laugh at myself now.  And then I seemed to start knitting..I haven't figured it all out yet, but after fiddling with it last night, I managed to have something to show for it.

I'm not sure what I'm making yet, but will continue to practice.  Oh and I don't even know how to finish, like close the ends...  LOL..if you are a knitter and found yourself on this page, you might be giggling at me.  Like I tell my son, practice makes perfect..at least better right? ;)

What new hobby have you picked up lately?  Do you knit? Crochet?  Have any tips for me? :)