Healthy Now to Healthy Later - Update #Cbias #DigestiveCare

I recently posted here about my experience when I started taking 4X Pro-B from, and wanted to give you all an update, as I promised.  I purchased the 4X Pro-B from and shared my shopping experience here on Google+.  It has been over a month now, and I have seen results!  At first I was skeptical, and hesitant after not seeing results or any real noticeable difference right away like everyone else that tried it seemed to be experiencing.  I continued to take it everyday, and just about the 25th day and on, I started to notice I had a schedule..if you know what I mean...  A schedule was something I had forgot was a normal, healthy thing when it comes to digestive health!  
No matter what it is you might be doing, exercising, changing your diet, or taking probiotics, it is great to actually see results.  I've been exercising allot, and with warm weather here already, it is definitely an extra push.  I haven't started running outside yet, that will be in the next week or two.  To keep up with a more organized, rather 'scheduled' healthier lifestyle, I have been keeping up with the home workout videos daily.  I used to take classes in my local gym for fun back in the day, before I became a mom.  Since I can't go take classes anymore, I feel like workout videos work best for me because I can be home, follow along a routine and see exactly what I'm supposed to be doing.  I have a couple of different ones now that I switch back and forth from, some with weights, some with tons of stretching and so on.
So the steps I've taken have been to take 4X Pro-B everyday for #digestivecare, exercise and, eat right.  I haven't changed anything drastically in my diet, but I have stopped buying ice often as I used to.  I make sure to drink lots of water, and remember to eat.  I mentioned before that I used to grab just about anything to eat or snack on, it was done without even noticing sometimes, but I have changed that.  I have been eating lots of colorful foods, tons of vegetables, and fruits!  As easily as we all seem to get used to, and "addicted" to eating food that isn't good for us, it is possible to gain that amount of love for a food that is good for you too.       
If you are interested in trying the 4X Pro-B from for a better digestive health or to help maintain the healthy you, I do recommend it.  If you're like me and don't see a difference right away, I say give it time, sometimes somethings take longer for some people.  I feel lighter and more energetic with all the steps I've taken recently to lead a healthier lifestyle, including taking the 4X Pro-B!  And if you have already tried it, share a review on the site for everyone to see.  If you aren't a fan of Costco on Facebook yet, become a fan here to keep posted with the latest.     

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