Enjoy Life Foods - Plentils Chips - Review

Screenshot from Enjoy Life Foods site
You already know we are huge fans of Enjoy Life Foods here. When I heard of the new Plentils chips, I wondered how they would taste, and wondered if we would need that addition to our diet. It only took a bite for me to change all my questions about the new chips.

I was in shock to see the flavors, and wondered if it would taste like lentils entirely. Instead they tasted good, and like the flavors, like "Margherita Pizza" I mean how? Completely allergy friendly and like pizza, so unbelievably good. Enjoy Life Foods did it again, another great creation! We eat potato chips, corn chips even, but these are flavored and very well done that are allergy friendly!

The four flavors you need to try yourself:
Margherita Pizza
Light Sea Salt
Dill & Sour Cream
Garlic & Parmesan

There are definitely worth a try and if you have any restrictions in you diet holding you back from enjoying any other kind of chips, do give these a try.  For anyone that does or doesn't have food allergies, you can give them a try to see you how you like them.  They contain 40% less fat than the leading potato chip, are made from high protein lentils, and no artificial ingredients.

*I received these items to review, all opinions are a 100% my own.