Drinking Soda Can Be a Good Thing - SodaStream Fountain Jet - Review (with Pictures)

SodaStream Fountain Jet is a super fun way to enjoy soda!  You get to make it yourself at home or really anywhere you are willing to take it!  It's meant to be at home, but I would take it to the park for a family outing, would be a great conversation piece..and all I'll need is clean cold water to have everyone pleased!  Everyone could pick their flavors, or choose to have sparkling water.  I'm in love with it for so many reasons.  Drinking soda at a party or everyday using the SodaStream, you will be saving on tons of bottles or cans that would otherwise be waste.  You will be doing one good thing, the same as if you filter your water and use a re-usable bottle instead of buying bottles of water.  

There are so many flavors to choose from, too many to list here, but if you go here, you can click on all the categories to see all the great flavor options.  The categories you can choose from are Regular Flavors, Diet Flavors, Energy Drink, Sparking Naturals, Sparkling Tea, Sodamix Variety Packs, and MyWater Essence Flavors.  So far I have tried the Lemon Lime, and Orange flavors and love them!  I'm excited to try out all the flavors, not sure if I ever will, but I will try!  I'm most interested to try the tea flavors!  Most of the flavors I've seen don't contain tons of calories compared to "regular" store bought soda, and don't contain high fructose corn syrup.. and that's good!

When it comes to anything that requires assembling or even simple twisting on and off, I usually let my husband do it, but I wanted to see how it would be to do this all on my own.  It was incredibly easy, with practice my 3 year old probably could make soda for everyone if I let him..but I won't. :)  See the pictures below to see how easy it is to make your own soda at home with the SodaStream Fountain Jet!  Easy to use is so good...  If you want a video demonstration, my friend has a great short video up on Youtube, and of course you can also find tons of information including a video on the SodaStream site.    

The Carbonator!
SodaStream Fountain Jet! 

Place cover back on..
Twist on in the back!
After twisting on carbonator bottle
press button above until you hear 3 buzzes
and you've already got sparkling water! 
Fill with water to the "fill line"

I read the ingredients, and nutritional
facts...  No high fructose corn syrup
and only 35 calories... 
Want flavored soda? Pick from many great flavors,
I chose Orange..

Pour in the flavoring..
Home made orange soda with
The SodaStream Fountain Jet!! 
You see how easy that was? What's not to love?  Here's four more reasons to love it, straight from their site. :)
There's even this great counter on the site, to give you another reason to smile while sipping on your freshly fizzed soda. 
The SodaStream is everything that I expected it to be and more, and we as a family definitely recommend it!  It is available at thousands of retailers today, find out your nearest location here

*I was provided the item to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own.