Cheribundi Natural Tart Cherry Juice - Review/G!veaway

Do you like cherries?  If you like them as much as my son does :P well..imagine fifty (50) cherries, pit removed right in front of you, ready for you to enjoy every bite and flavor-that's what sipping a Cheribundi (Tru Cherry flavor) juice is like for me.  Taking a sip of a Cheribundi tart cherry juice is a surge of flavor, just the same as biting into a fresh cherry, but maybe even better..because they say there is 50 of them in every 8oz. bottle, with the exception of the "Skinny Cherry" flavor that contains 40 cherries with only 90 calories compared the other flavors ranging from 130 to 160.  Oh and excuse me if I'm sounding like a commercial, but these are my real opinions. :)

I tried four different flavors, pictured on the left; Tru Cherry, Cacao Cherry, Ginger Cherry, and Skinny Cherry.  
-Tru Cherry is our favorite flavor, it is named perfectly, tastes just like true cherries, cherries in a bottle.  Ingredients: tart cherry juice (not from concentrate), and apple juice (from concentrate).  
-Cacao Cherry reminds me of chocolate covered cherry treats, the ones that you bite into a chocolate and cherry flavor gushes out.  Ingredients: tart cherry juice, apple juice (from concentrate), sugar, water, cocoa powder, natural flavor, lactic acid.
-Ginger Cherry, I was afraid to taste, thinking it will be so full of the ginger flavor.  Then was pleasantly surprised at the well blend, you can taste the ginger but in such a subtle sweet, tart cherry way.  Ingredients: tart cherry juice, apple juice (from concentrate), ginger juice (ginger root, water), natural flavor.
-Skinny Cherry, is simply a light version of Tru Cherry if you ask me.  Still good, but less tart, less strong flavor.  Ingredients: tart cherry juice, water, reb a (natural stevia leaf sweetener)

You know how I love it when I can not only be pleased with the ingredients of a food/beverage, but being able to type up the simple list of ingredients for you, makes me even happier.  Did you know cherries are a superfruit?  They are, and all the nutrients and health benefits are all packed into every bottle of Cheribundi because of "their gentle juicing process the nutrients aren't boiled away."  Benefits are, but not limited to helping naturally gain better sleep at night, help athletes both professional and casual perform their best, and so on...  Bottom line, they taste good, and they are so good for you.  I can't wait to try them in different recipes!  Learn more about Cheribundi, including where to buy here.  

A piece from their site:
"Whether you're trying to stay active and healthy or win a triathlon, this juice made from America's Superfruit™ will give you benefits exclusive to the round little fruit. Drink daily any one of our five varieties (Tru Cherry™, Skinny Cherry™, Ginger Cherry™, Cacao Cherry™ or Whey Cherry™) and you'll find yourself living life to the fullest, feeling on top of your game and giggling at our funny name - every day." 
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*I received Cheribundi juices to sample for the purpose of this review, no other compensation. All opinions are a 100% my own.