A Bite to Eat at the Movies - with Food Allergies

After reading the book and with so much anticipation to see 'The Lorax' in theaters we finally went to see it Tuesday evening.  Unfortunately this post won't be about our thoughts about 'The Lorax.'  We arrived about fifteen minutes before show time, so we had time to order something at the concession stand.  This was a theater we had ordered a hot dog for our son before and the only one we trusted, I wrote about our first time on July 08, 2011, titled "A MOMent brought to you by a Hot Dog."  So what did I expect?  I expected it to work out, you can never be too careful when it comes to food allergies so we did the usual informing them and making sure everything was well received and so on.

We spoke to the person preparing the food as well as when we placed our order as we always do, all seemed well.  Except everyone was getting their orders before us including many behind us on line.  We still patiently waited.  My husband missed the beginning of the movie, total wait time was over 35 minutes for a very simple order, including the conversations that it took to sort it out.  Why were we so patient?  Not exactly sure why, but it is a disabled feeling you get when you request something different from someone serving you, at least one I get.  I can't quite explain it, and when I think back I don't even know why we waited half the time we did.  It just happened, 2 minutes passed, and then another..then you just decide to wait it out thinking it'll be NOW when you get it, and so on...

Without getting into too many specifics, our order took an unreasonable amount of time.  Then handed over to us with the bread...  All we requested was for the hot dog to be cooked on the hot dog grill roller, and without the bread.  The guy who prepared it then denied ever hearing us request it, despite his co-worker even being upset with him about it.  He responded with suggestion that he will take off the bread as if we were being picky, meanwhile we weren't vague when mentioning 'severe life threatening food allergies.'  He also changed his story and said our order took long because he wanted to cook it well because of food allergies.  He seemed annoyed that we requested it, and looking back gave us attitude from the very beginning to the very end.  It seems clear he knew what he was doing, but why?  As you can see non of it makes much sense, so my question is...  Is this lack of knowledge?  Discrimination for having food allergies?  I'm very shaken up about this situation, mostly because I hate that my son has to live and deal with situations like this.  Why would a person be so ignorant, or how could they be!?!?  This isn't so much about accommodating to our needs as much as the service that was given to us.  He never once apologized, and they didn't refuse when we initially asked either.  We have only ordered from them for our son a handful of times, but this was our last.  

Have you ever experienced anything like this?          

*btw we don't order any food food (meals) while out from anywhere but here and one other time as I wrote about in a previous post, my son doesn't even eat at a friends/family members home because of his food allergies*