When Reality Confronts You

This weekend was a busy one, we were invited to a birthday party as well as two baby showers.  It wasn't the traditional baby shower were only women are invited, it was for everyone and it didn't take place in the afternoon, one was actually in the evening.  It was all fun, the birthday party we went to was a Yo Gabba Gabba theme, and it was great.  The baby showers, well new babies are worth every celebration and the energy is always great.  So at what point was I confronted by reality?  Allergies!  A new kind we were unfamiliar with, and that part was not fun...

On Sunday we had a birthday party in the afternoon, and a baby shower in the evening.  I prepared his food for the whole day along with snacks, and treats before we left, as well as making sure he ate a good breakfast just in case he doesn't eat enough while we were out.  Both were at someones home, and both places we have visited many times.  When we got to the birthday party, it didn't take long for my son to start scratching his head nonstop, I concluded that it might be because he was hot, and I still don't know why that was, as it really seemed to be bothering him.  But that still wasn't the problem.  One of the guests brought their little dog to the party, again no problem I thought, as we have spent hours with that dog before where my son would play with him the whole time.  He was running around playing, sitting in a circle playing "hot potato" and little by little he was uncomfortable.  He started to sneeze, his nose got stuffy, he started to rub his eyes nonstop.  One eye was all swollen, as the other was well on its way, and they were both tearing up.  It was so sad to see him suffer like that, he is a kid after all so he seemed bothered, even having hard time breathing because of his stuffy nose, but he wanted to continue playing.  Once I noticed all this, we had to leave right away.  Not sure if it was the dog, or something else in the air but I had to get him out of there.

Later on, about an hour later to be exact we went to the baby shower.  By this time he was already looking better, and breathing better altogether.  I was so relieved to see him improve.  Then again, about an hour at our friends house, he had the same symptoms.  His eyes just had it, it was so sad to not be able to help him, and once again we left early.  We left, he was a little better again after some time in the car, and completely better by the time we were home.  We have been to their house and have spent a very long time their before as well.  They had a dog, but they always do.

It is not that common for my son to have some sort of allergic or asthmatic reaction when we are home or out places.  I'm a full time mom, and I make sure he isn't in a situation that could harm him all the time.  After a while I start to fool myself, and don't feel that life is so difficult living with food allergies and asthma..etc.  I let him do just about anything he wants as long as it won't harm him.  I let him eat sweets, because if he can have it, he can have it!  I try so hard and give all I can to make sure he doesn't grow up feeling left out, and I know so far so good.

Many people give me the impression that they judge me, they judge me for being overbearing.  I come off as a mom that obsesses or is overly dramatic.  But it is times like this weekend that brings reality right upfront.  It is real, it is very real.  I will be by his side as long as I financially can 24/7 if I need to, if that's what it takes to keep him safe.  Scariest part was that somehow no one could see how his eyes were red and swelling all around, they heard his sneezes but maybe thought he was sick with a cold.  I fear the day I send him off to school, if I do.  I fear the day I have to have someone watch him, hopefully all will work out.

I don't know what caused him to have an allergic reaction like that, but it was new to us, not sure if it was the dogs or something else in the air...  I know when we go to my dads house he starts to wheeze half an hour there, because my dad smokes.  My thought is, it lingers on his clothes or the surroundings, even though he doesn't smoke inside.  Not everyone notices as the symptoms start to show as the kids run around, I'm the one that notices that he isn't breathing right.  I'm not saying anyone else should, just that how scary it would be if I wasn't around him.  Times like this weekend and days when he gets hives, or anything of the sort, reality confronts me.  So now there is food allergies, asthma, allergies from what is in the air; all with different symptoms that also overlap...  ::sigh::  All I can say is I will try my best, give everyday my all, and take it day to day!