REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: King Arthur Flour - Gluten Free Yellow Cake Mix & Multi-Purpose Flour

When it was confirmed that my son had such a long list of food allergies.  I went so many nights without sleep trying to find out what alternatives I had.  My son can't have so many foods, including wheat, rye, oats, millet, eggs, dairy so many ingredients usually needed for baking.

I was happy to find great brands out there that help make baking possible, even with food allergies.  One of the brands I have added to my list is King Arthur Flour  Gluten Free line of products.  The first item I tried was their Gluten Free Pizza Crust mix, it came out great, it was my first time making a pizza crust, texture was hard to deal with at first since I was only used to handling wheat flour before, but it came out great.  Since then I have bought it again, and enjoy being able to make my son pizza.  It is hard to explain how thankful I am for brands make products for people with special diets.

Recently I learned more about them other than when I just saw them in the store shelves.  They have  Baking Banter blog as well as over 2,000 free recipes online, including gluten free recipes.  Starting this month they have a regular gluten free blogger writing regularly.  They have a Baking Hotline, where you can call in and get advice and answers to questions you may have, how helpful is that?

What makes me trust their Gluten Free Mixes/Flours is because they are manufactured in a gluten free dedicated facility, what made me buy it at first was what I read "free of all 8 common allergies" right on the box.  That's little statement is like finding gold when I'm in a grocery store.  They have a great variety of flours for everyone that doesn't have food allergies as well.  They are well known for their flours, and commitment to quality, their fans are loyal and swear by the results in using King Arthur Flours.

Their newest product that came out this year is the Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix, and I got to bake a fun cake with it this week.  After going back and forth trying to decide between cupcakes or a cake, we ended up making a cake.  We added some natural food coloring, by the suggestion of my tot to make it fun.  White cream, and chocolate cream frosting, came out great.  My son wouldn't stop eating the cake batter, which is a great sign of great flavor.  We also tried the Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour for the first time, I used it to coat food for frying, even light pan frying. It works great, and that I was very pleased with! :)

So my end opinion, I liked the Gluten-Free Yellow Cake Mix very much, but since we didn't follow the complete directions on the box, like add four eggs, it came out a bit rubbery.  I used egg replacer in place as I do when I need to, but it wasn't as amazing as it would have came out..I'm sure with eggs.  If you can't have gluten or wheat but can have eggs, I more than recommend this and all their products, I'm sure it would be amazing.  Would I use this mix again?  I would, I would love to try adding xantham gum and playing around with the amount of egg replacer to see how it comes out.  Greatest part, I could call the baking hotline, and someone probably could help me out with suggestions.  All the gluten free mixes will continue to be a part of our diet, and I look forward to experimenting to get the best out of them too.  As for the Gluten-Free Multi-Purpose Flour I'm excited to have added it to flours we can use, and looking forward to baking with it as well.

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I received the items to review, all opinions are a 100% my own.