Mold and Mold Allergies

My son has many many allergies; food allergies, allergies to dogs & cats, some signs of environmental allergies and so much more as well as dealing with asthma...  He is also allergic to mold, we found out a few months ago when we did some testing because we wanted to find out the triggers to his asthma symptoms.  Unfortunately we have had our run in with mold here and there in our shower stall, in my sons bath toys when he was much younger (water squirting ones), and must always be on top of the matter to avoid incidents.  I have learned that there are different kinds of mold and almost all homes have mold.

None of our run ins you can notice right away or even after a while, only apparent after further investigating.  I looked everywhere there might be mold build up due to finding out one of the causes of my sons asthma symptoms may be coming from mold somewhere.  Mold can also cause hives on top of asthma like symptoms.  The symptoms are a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes/nose/throat, inflammation of the nasal passages, all of which are similar to other allergic reactions.

My son does get sudden asthma attacks or mysterious hives sometimes and although we often never find out what exactly caused it, I like to try to eliminate all the causes.  When it comes to mold, I take every day simple ways to keep mold from growing in our home as it pretty much can grow anywhere.  They can grow on anything and all it needs is moisture; water or food.  When we take showers or baths I always have a window open a little bit, ventilation fan on and the door open as well.  After taking a shower we open the windows wide (usually in colder seasons) so the humidity clears.  All around the house, I check that the radiator isn't leaking, and the mop isn't left wet.  I make sure the sponge in the kitchen sink is all squeezed out of water.

Make sure kids bath toys are drained and left to dry properly; I don't buy the toys that squirt water as there's always water left inside and mold does grow inside.  Clean all around your home, scrub  and dry all surfaces of your bathroom, a very common area for mold because of high humidity levels.  Do check ups and thorough cleaning often.  If you have a small mold build up, properly clean it away, if the area seems big then get professional help.  Mold and mildew can be found on window sills, refrigerator seals, under the sink, air registers, entryways, and where ever it can grow.  Constant cleaning and proper maintenance is suggested.  Be aware if using strong cleaning products at home although effective can be dangerous if you have asthma or allergies.  The new Tilex® lineup is said to be formulated to attack mold and mildew and cancel the mold show in your bathroom.  If you choose to use Tilex products make sure anyone in your home that is sensitive to mold/chemicals is out of the room/home.  I do suggest putting a mask on when dealing with harsh chemicals for anyone, and if you see a large amount of mold, I think always best to get professional help.

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