How to Clean a Microwave #allnatural #cleaning #mom #green

For so many reasons, including my sons allergies and asthma I am starting to use more natural ways to clean around the house.  In a previous post you can see an example of the panic caused because my son had a reaction to a cleaning product.
One neat way I've been cleaning the microwave is with a lemon, water and a towel.  It is all natural, inexpensive, and will not only clean but remove any smell you may have left lingering from food.  Sometimes we will heat up food in the microwave that isn't allergy friendly like the popcorn from a previous post and the smell stays in their, and leaves an uneasy feeling if I wanted to use it for my sons food.  This has been the most easiest, most effective way yet!
Slices of lemon in water in microwave safe cup...
Simply place in microwave...
I put in for 2 minutes enough to heat and
boil for a few more seconds.
Adjust accordingly to the power of your microwave
as well as how much water...
After letting heat and boil
leave in for another few minutes (2-5min. is fine)
The steam from lemon water has made all the walls wet
just wipe with towel, can be paper towel if you prefer.
Be aware parts of the microwave can be hot, be careful... 
All clean! Smells fresh as well!