Valentines Day Party Supplies

I usually turn to Party City for all my party supply needs, and went searching for some Valentines day products.  There are so many fun items to choose from, check them out here

You don't have to be having a party to shop there, I love the variety of fun balloons.  Just like every child out there, my son loves balloons, and how fun would it be to get him one for Valentines Day, after all he is my little love.  I know for sure he would love the little Foil Love Monkey.  And I love all the heart ones, some of us never grow up..hehehe...  I know that my little sister would love any of them as well, specially has a love for Hello Kitty, so the Foil Hello Kitty Lovin' Shape Valentines Day balloon would be perfect for her.  Be sure to check out their plush toys section too while you are there, really adorable little stuffed toys there.
My favorite one is the  28 in Foil Cuddly Valentines day balloon, he looks so cuddly ;).  They also have a Valentines Day Card Exchange section that is full of cards and stickers, perfect for buying for your little one to give to all their classmates, and if you have a child not in school yet like mine, might be nice to let them draw something in every card to send out to family and friends.  And hey it's even nice if you send them out some yourself, you are as old as you want to be, don't get grown up cards, choose from all the different themed cards there and surprise your friends! ;) Choose from more adult like invitations and thank you notes that are still really cute if you still want the grown up feel.  Get to shopping now, and get wall & window decorations if you haven't already.  If you are going to bake for Valentines day, which is one of our favorites, they also carry a selection of items for baking too!  I usually pick up something from them, even if it's just some treat boxes to place our home made cookies in.I'm working on perfecting my baking skills as my son and I experiment, but hoping to have a great Valentines Day filled with treats for my son.    Sorry for the load of links, I just wanted to share all that I saw and loved.  If you are in need of inspiration for an upcoming birthday party, they have plenty of choices, check out my sons third birthday party where we used party supplies from Party City.  :) 
*I was not compensated for this post.