Simple on the Road Tips for Winter Months

As a New Yorker, it's easier to get around no matter if there is hail, icy roads, snow because of public transportation, unless of course it is so bad that those are shut down too (it happens).  Nonetheless it is still easier to get around then other states that shut down completely.  But not that convenient when you have a family, as it was a whole different story when it was just me hopping on and off trains.  We drive allot, back and forth to visit family, when we have doctors appointments, and of course to go shop.  The weather has been crazy lately, one day it's snowing, temperatures in the mid 20's and the next in the 50's, not only does this cause so many to get sick not having the proper layers, but makes it dangerous for drivers as it causes roads to get slippery when the rain/snow turns into ice.

Important to check your tires, I have often seen too many of my friends cars in need of new tires, making it dangerous for the sudden early morning, and evening icy roads known as black ice.  We haven't had a big enough snow storm here yet this year, but it is also very important to have a Winter car kit in the trunk just in case you go to work with a few flurries in the morning, and come out to a full snow storm...  Of course you could also watch the news for weather updates, but this is in case of an emergency, you just never know.  Before you catch yourself in a snow or even a rain storm, make sure your wiper blades are in good condition, and not in need of replacing.  Also, have your car battery checked, as I hear it is a common cause for getting stranded in the Winter months.    

As a parent if you are driving alone with your child/ren, I would also advise that you make sure your child is safely buckled in the back, the last thing you want is to realize they are wiggling out of their seat while on the road.  If you have a toddler like me or older, bring along activities so they can be entertained, some examples would be a coloring book, a story book or even a DVD.  If you have a young child, I'd recommend having one of those easy view backseat mirrors so that you can see baby without interfering you while on the road.  When the weather makes it tough for driving as it is, it helps to get the basics checked off, so you aren't caught in a bad situation because you reached to help your child in the back.

When the weather isn't accommodating, if you don't absolutely have to drive, just don't.  If you find you have to, be prepared, take precautions.  If there's lots of snow, have a salt bag, and a shovel in case you get stuck.  Get one of those window ice scrapers just in case you need it if they develop icy frost, you would rather have it and not need it then vise versa.

Simple tips, you probably already know, but good to keep in mind.  Safe driving!  :)

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