REVIEW: Enjoy Life Foods - No Nuts Seed & Fruit Mix

Sometimes it takes my son a while to get used to a new food, and I never force him to try or eat anything because I figure he might know something I don't. What if his mouth itches or his stomach feels strange, and he isn't sure how to tell me. So when the introduction to any new food item I wait until he is ready and willing to try.  You can see the long list of his food allergies here.
He finally gave Enjoy Life Foods No Nuts Seed and Fruit Mix a try. He was very hesitant at first and it scared me off, until he wanted to very recently. I was glad they had a long shelf life, and we were able to still enjoy them, and took a liking  as we bought a few more to have in our cabinet, since there isn't too many food products that are ready to eat that we can stock up on.

They come in two varieties; Beach Bash and Mountain Mambo. With Enjoy Life products you can expect the truth of the labeling on the front of the package, unlike too many products out there where labels are just advertisement to hide the truth and trick consumers. The Beach Bash has raw sunflower kernels, pineapples, roasted hulled pumpkin seeds (sunflower oil, citric acid), cranberries, apricots, as the Mountain Mambo has raw sunflower kernels, roasted hulled pumpkin seeds (sunflower oil, citric acid), salt, raisins, dried apples, chocolate chips (evaporated cane juice natural chocolate liquor (non-alcoholic), non-dairy cocoa butter), cranberries. Both Sulfite-Free.
Nothing in there you can't understand or pronounce.
What you see is what you get. :) 

They taste so good, my son likes to pick out little pieces of apple and chocolate from the mix, while most of everyone else including me, like to grab a chunk and eat it together. It has been a great new addition to our snacks on the go and at home list. I can only imagine how great it would be to bake with, or create an allergy friendly parfait with.

They are great to take with us wherever we go, and great for when guests come over.  I placed some in a bowl when friends came over, everyone like it, and my favorite part my son could enjoy it with us with no fear of harm.
I thank Enjoy Life Foods for continuing to create great products that are not only great tasting, but are safe for many with food allergies. Consider shopping with them to surprise someone you know that has a restricted diet, and give them a try yourself, their products are full of real ingredients and healthy.

A few important facts about Enjoy Life products:
Gluten free and allergy friendly.
Free of all top eight allergens: wheat, dairy, peanuts, tree nuts, egg, soy, fish, and shellfish.
And most products are also free of potatoes, sesame, sulfites, and casein.
No artificial ingredients, trans fats, or genetically modified (GMO) ingredients.
To learn more about them and other great Enjoy Life products go to their site by clicking here: Enjoy Life Foods

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*I received these items to review, but all opinions are a 100% my own.