Photo Story - Getting Snacks at Duane Reade

I went shopping at Duane Reade last week, and created my first photo story on G+.   Well, technically I was already downtown near 34th St in the city, doing some shopping along with the occasional window gazing.  If willing, or able, one could spend forever shopping at a shopping location like that..I know I could!  That's quite evident when you see that our whole photo story took place at Duane Reade when we walked in looking for something to snack on.

My son and I take little trips together all the time, that we both refer to as our "adventures" together.  Probably got it's name because it's always such an adventure, a fun one, but it always is taking the train, transferring trains, maybe even a bus ride, up & down stairs.  The things we see, the people we meet, the noises we get the idea! ;)

I'm new to Google+, and didn't want our photo story unseen, so here Just Wanted Snacks... (44 photos) click, and enjoy.  Please feel free to add me to your circle while you are there, or G+ my posts etc. no need to ask me. :P  Let's be friends in the google circle :)  Also no permission needed to add your opinions below in comments... 

Photo story was created for Social Fabric application process