"I Don't Know Who Made This Mess, I'm Just Cleaning It Up"

A regular Saturday morning in this house earlier today, except my son ran off to wash his hands in the bathroom sink after we had breakfast, but for longer than it would usually take him.  After sometime passed  I wondered what he was up to, asked him from far "hey are you OK?" he responded "yes mommy I'm just washing my mouth too."  Hhmm..something isn't right, I thought of the many other times he would suddenly run off and hide, like eating candy in the corner hiding behind dad, or cutting up pieces of paper sitting behind a door.  Of course the many times he was caught playing with toilet paper, we can all relate to that one right??
So I silently sneak in after him to find him with a panicked look, with loads of toilet paper in his hand balled up, cleaning up a pile of toothpaste.  I just looked at him, and he explained to me right away "I don't know who made this mess, I'm just cleaning it up."  I thought it was so cute, and went with it.  I spoke to him about how I hope this "other" person that made the mess knows not to do it again.  ;)
I'm sure he thought he had me fooled. LOL!

Happy Saturday!