Healthy Late Night Snacking

Ever feel like having a snack when it's so close to bedtime?
Well I always do :) , and my son certainly does, so I give him things like dairy-free yogurt, fruits, or vegetables.

I think if he didn't have so many food allergies, I'd give him something baked and along the lines of not so healthy. Because of his restricted diet, I get to give him things like cucumbers lightly salted, and I think because of his food allergies he doesn't crave for the unhealthy things I crave and am used to indulging in. I often make shapes with them, or core out the inside of a peeled cucumber and put some slices of turkey inside, afterwards cutting into circles, where it ends up looking like a sushi roll. Just one of the ways I strive to make healthy eating with food allergies fun.

Here's what he had tonight because funnel cake after dinner wasn't enough.
Just cucumbers peeled and lightly salted. :)