For the Love of Duane Reade #DReade

I love Duane Reade and when I learned of the opportunity to be one of the VIP bloggers, I couldn't let it pass by me. I have shopped at Duane Reade for years, and have many memories.

My friends and I would always wander in with nothing in mind, come out with something we all felt we needed when I used to study and work in Manhattan. My favorite Duane Reade location was one in Woodside, Queens, right around the corner of where my family lived for years, and right along the path that I took to get to the train station daily. We stopped by there for anything anyone needed, including prescriptions. I have memories shared walking in with my mom, and any memory with my mom is the sweetest most cherished. My brother always bought gummy candies, my sister always bought blue mascara, and I was always around wandering the aisles with them. This particular location had a money-gram where we were able to wire money to family abroad for the holidays and whenever we needed. It couldn't have been more convenient unless they'd wire some money on our behalf. ;)

I moved a few years ago, and no longer have a convenient location near me, but I'm not complaining as I have a reason to venture out of my neighborhood to visit a Duane Reade. I'm a mom now, and have changed my shopping list over the last few years to baby products and little toys I could bring him home to surprise my son. Now, I shop for everything for our family, and fun products for me from the beauty aisles. I'm in absolute love with the new look and feel of some Duane Reade locations, so much to offer, every time I visit I can stay there for hours at a time. Just look at our last visit to get snacks.

OK you've read why I love Duane Reade and when I've visited (always), but you find yourself asking why should I be picked as a VIP blogger? I say because I have been a customer for years, and have history with you guys from the perspective of a normal (most of the time) girl growing up in New York City. And also because my son who is three considers a visit to Duane Reade locations an adventure, and I'm passing along the tradition of depending on you guys for so much that we need. Now more than ever I'm a happy shopper, because I'm ecstatic to see a large variety of brands that you carry, which means my son can actually pick a food product he can have. My son has food allergies and it means so much to be able to pick up products we can all enjoy, and I'd love to offer my insight as a food allergy mom as well.

I would be proud to be one of the #DReade VIP bloggers.  Please pick me!  :)

*Official entry for 2012 Duane Reade VIP Blogger Program #DReade #Cbias